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Things to do in New York

New York, the city that never sleeps and a dream destination for people who visit the USA. There are so many things to do here that you can spend easily a year at New York trying to find a new thing, event or any happening every day. Open your eyes after a good night rest to find a new destination that pops up on your list and you can explore the place while watching Sky High Buildings and people walking swiftly beside you. On your visit to New York, we recommend you to do these things where you can simply absorb the aura that New York City emits.

1) Visit Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty located on an Island is a must-visit tourist destination in New York. You can either take a tour to visit this landmark location or just take a short cruise to Staten Island and explore this place. Notably one of 3rd highest statues as per new records, it stands at height of 93m from ground level. This copper statue was a gift from France to the USA which was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and its metal framework was built by Gustave Eiffel. It has been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, US National Monument in 1924, US National Registry of Historic Places in 2017 and New City Landmark in the year 1976 respectively.

2) Walk across Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge has been an icon of New York City as it has been declared National History Landmark in 1964 and National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in the year 1972 and is listed as a designated landmark of New York City. Technically, Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge where it has hybrid cable and suspended bridge design. Historically this was used as a mode of transportation across East river where you could travel through Horse-drawn carriages, rail systems and subway. However, the transportation was closed to the public and now only you can stroll through the bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.

3) NYC City Pass

What better way to explore the city of New York covering its major landmark with a budget and take a picture at these destinations, you can use NYC City Pass which costs around 132US$ for adults and 108US$ for children from ages 6-17. With this city pass, your ticket to admission includes Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Top of the rock observation deck/ Guggenheim Museum, Ferry access to Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island or Circle Line sightseeing tours, 9/11 memorial and museum or Interpid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The pass is valid for 9 consecutive days with first day of use and they help skip ticket queues.

4) Central Park

Central Park is one destination place for every visitor visiting NYC where you can be in the midst of nature amongst the sky-high buildings in the city. Right at the city centre with area size spread across half-mile wide and 2.5 miles long, you can explore Central Park Zoo, The Lake, Strawberry Fields and Belvedere Castle. You can walk, cycle, skate or take a carriage ride at this park where you notice how people will spend quiet evenings and chill out here at one of New York’s top tourist place.

5) Broadway and the Theatre District

NYC is so bustling with Broadways where you can notice people performing arts in front of the audience. Considered pinnacle of American theatre you can watch a show here where actors perform the latest shows to age-old classics. Some of the popular shows will get sold out quickly hence it is considered to purchase the tickets well in advance. Some famous theatre visit in this district includes Schubert Alley, St James playhouse, the Music Box Theatre and the famous Sardi’s restaurant where many then aspiring actors have met and made a career out of the theatre.

6) Times Square

Times Square New York is one place to be visited and explore the idea of New York where it is said that the city never sleeps. With its huge brilliantly lit billboards and screens, this place can be visited all days at all times. A place where the famous Ball Drop event is conducted during New Year celebration where the place is filled with hoards of people. You would find the busy place filled with people, hawkers, big and small shops selling whatever you need to find.

7) Wall Street

This world-famous street is located from Broadway to South Street has the most important exchanges of the world such as NYSE, NASDAQ and New York Merchantile Exchange. You can also visit Trinity Church, Federal Hall and a bronze statue of Charging Bull which in terms of the stock term as Bullish and Bearish.

8) Radio City Music Hall

A designated landmark of the city, Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Centre is a 1932 Art Deco theatre filled with musical, films and dance theatre. This iconic landmark hosts many awards such as Grammy Awards, Tony Awards and its situation is at the corner means you can notice the bright lights surrounding the curved building which stretches down the block.

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