Destination Massachusetts USA

Things to do in Massachusetts , USA

Massachusetts officially Commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the populous states in the northeastern United States.  One of the major players in the commercial and cultural role in United States history has a lot of places to visit. We are providing you with some places to visit whilst you are here in Massachusetts.

1)     Worchester Art Museum

One of the finest mid-sized museums in the USA, Worchester Art Museum is home to century-old arts, artefacts, antiquities, paintings, print and photographs. There are old warfare weapons, arms and armoury also located here which brings you to the history of how the wars were fought. There is a Renaissance Court which offers you a glimpse of a rare Roman floor mosaic, Chapter House of Benedict Priory of Saint John and other European Arts. There are works from legends such as Cassatt, Gauguin, Goya, Monet etc which will make you feel that old age art was so beautiful and which are preserved till date.

2)     Battleship Cove

A memorial dedicated to American veterans this maritime museum is located at Fall River, Massachusetts. This is home to one of most decorated battleship USS Massachusetts and the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Exhibiting all the maritime weaponry, this non-profit museum welcomes all visitors of all age. Dedicated women’s exhibit mentions’ the contribution of Women in wartime period during WWII and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The State of art museum is one of the only outdoor multimedia enactments for Pearl Harbour experience. Scouts and youth groups can participate in a year-round maritime camping program, Girl Scout overnights, and the whole family will enjoy family nautical nights with affordable camping on site.

3)     Franklin park zoo

One of Boston’s famous and largest parks, Franklin Park Zoo is a 72acre park having many of worlds wildlife stationed here.  You can get to notice African Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Lemurs, Gorillas, Sloth and other wildlife. You can also notice birds here where you get an option to notice many birds from places around the world.  This bird exhibition is opened seasonally where you would notice a flock of birds flying together which makes you feel ecstatic. There are programmes and an event conducted here for all ages also available is a Gift shop, indoor party area for Birthdays, Corporate events and any other celebrations.

4)     Plymouth 400 Inc.

With its history of 400 years when a small ship containing a group of English men and women stationed here at Plymouth whose ideals of freedom, self-determination which formed as a base to American Political rights.  This year, the event celebrates 400th anniversary which is celebrated till 2021 having many exhibits, events, music, arts and educational events will be organised. There will be exhibits of native Wampanoag people welcoming European visitors and the history will be showcased. There will be many Youth Festivals, Celebrations will be undertaken at this place and one can enjoy this year-round celebration.

5)     Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Situated in one of the oldest university of the country, Harvard University. The Museum of Natural History is one of four museums located on the campus.

This place offers permanent and exchange exhibitions for the public of all ages.  With thousands of historic to prehistoric exhibits, you can notice 42-foot-long Kronosaurus here.   There you can notice Glass Flowers, Maya and Egyptian Monuments, scientific instruments from Benjamin Franklin. There are also exhibits of rare minerals, gemstones etc. Explore New England forests, Marine life here at Harvard Museum of Natural History. Explore the other 3 museums located on the campus which are of short walks and the also explore one of the oldest and famous universities of Harvard.

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