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Things to do in Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang is one of a small town located in Mae Hon Song district.  Dotted by nature and picturesque surroundings, this place is manually untapped by an inflow of tourists who visit Thailand to enjoy its beaches down south. Due to its difficulty in reaching, people often ignore to travel and thus you can enjoy the places in Northern Thailand with peace and tranquillity. Mae Sariang is one place where people visit just to be in the midst of nature.

Although a small town, Mae Sariang offers little places to visit accompanied by nearer towns and villages.

Wat Kitti Wong Temple: One of the must-visit places in Mae Sariang is Kitti Wong temple which is dedicated to Buddha. The temple includes manuscripts from Burma and Lanna Kingdom of Thailand.  The interesting thing is that the Buddha and other relics were brought in from Chiang Mai province.

Phra That Jom Kit Ti: Dubbed to be one of the oldest temple in Mae Sariang, Phra That Jom Kit Ti has to be built around 2556BC and has been worshipped ever since. The temple contains the relic of Budhha and the temple surrounding is around 34Acre land (Approx)and every waxing moon period in June there will be celebrations held at this temple.

Wat Phrathat Chomthong: Located on a hilly region this temple has a huge relic of Buddha that overlooks the city of Mae Sariang. The relic is one of the biggest in Mae Sariang and is the most visited temple for people who worship here.

Salawin National Park: Bordering between Thailand and Myanmar, Salawin National Park is situated in Salawin River. This river originates in Tibet and flows across to Thailand with its journey of over 3000kms. This national park is home to many deciduous trees and many wildlife such as Wild Boar, Bear, Gaur, Palm Civet and many butterflies. Located around 4km from the city, this National Park was declared as Thailand’s national park in the year 1994. The best time to visit this is park is during winter months from November to February where you can enjoy nature with chilled temperatures.

Mae Sam Laep: Mae Sam Laep is a village situated near Salawin River and is a place where Salawin and Moei river meet. There is a beautiful beach located here with white sand, however, it is advised to meet park headquarters before heading off to this location as this place is fast travelled by river mode hence at park headquarters people will guide you based on the current situation. Visit this place from March-April months when the water level recedes and you can notice the beautiful untapped river beach of Northern Thailand.

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Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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