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Things to do in Mae La Noi

Mae La Noi district is a part of Mae Hong Son province and is an offbeat destination for people who want to visit Northern Thailand. This place is a rare find for people who want to explore deeper parts of Northern Thailand and be in the midst of nature. Although there are not so many places to visit when you are in Mae La Noi, these are some of the destinations which you can explore while you stay here.

  • Kaew Komol Cave (Calcite Cave)

Located 5 km from Mae La Noi district, Kaew Komol Cave is a calcite cave which attracts tourists with their shining walls glittering from Calcite. One of the calcite cave located in South East Asia was found near engineering office located in Mae La Noi district. Having its rich feature of glittering like ice look, people should visit this cave to know how nature is beautiful and how the minerals form shining when light hits it.

  • Daowadung Waterfall

Daowadung Waterfall is located in Baan Tung Ruang Tong in Mae La Noi district, this is one such waterfall that you can notice water flowing strong with its strong current through the rocks and falling with a mighty force which is the best thing to notice. This lies around 6km from the city and can be explored within a day.

  • Baan Mae La Ub Lawa Hill Tribe village

Visit the tribal villages situated nearby to the Mae La Noi where you can explore in culture, attire and lifestyle. The homes are built on hilly regions, which makes your stay beautiful and in the midst of the nature breathing pure air.

  • Mae Sagua Karen Hill Tribe Village

Located 13km from the city, this place is best visited during the summer season where you can notice the leaves turning in foothills which make you get up the morning with a view

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