Things to do in Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand

Mae Hong Son is one of the less tourists visited place and one of the beautiful districts of Northern Thailand. Located around 235km from Chiang Mai, people visit Mae Hong Son passing thru some serene and picturesque hills and numerous waterfalls. Nestled across the Myanmar Border this place is silent, calm and offers cool mist and breeze early morning.   We recommend you to do these things while on your visit to the beautiful place of Mae Hong Son.

1) Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

One of the landmark place to visit while here, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is a temple located atop a hill, to enter here you need to climb a couple of steps. You can get breathtaking views of Mae Hong Son town while you climb this temple and best visited early in the morning where you can notice the misty surroundings of the town. The temple has 2 chedis and statue of Golden Buddha. At night these are lit which makes a photographic image of the temple.

2) Wat Chong Kham

Located near to Jong Kham Lake, Wat Chong Kham is another temple located in the town of Mae Hong Son. This looks impressive when the lights are lit up during night time. This temple consists of large Buddha, temple pillars made of Gold and numerous Burmese wooden dolls located in its museum. Some places of this temple are restricted for women as per Burmese customs.

3) Jong Kham Lake

This lake sits beside Wat Chong Kham temple and is serene and calm. You can pass your day with peace while watching the life of many locals go by day in day out. Also, from this lake, Wat Chong Kham temple has amazing views.

4) Pha Bong Hot Spring

Located just a small distance from the town Pha Bong Hot Spring is one place where you can relax in the natural bath/ hot spring. Relax your tiring day of travel at this hot spring as you calm your nerves and senses.

5) Mae Hong Son Museum

Mae Hong Son Museum is one place to visit to know the history and culture of Mae Hong Son. Here you can find local art, artefacts and various collections of photographs which tell you how it has been a part of Thai, Burmese culture with its temples and beautiful nature.


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