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Things to do in Kolkata

The city of Joy, Kolkata which was formerly known as Calcutta is a capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal.  The city is lively and is a fun place to visit when you are travelling to India and exploring some of the Bengali food and culture.  Here are some of the things which you should do when you visit Kolkata.

Explore the palaceThe Marble Palace in Kolkata is a must-visit as it contains some of the fine works of art by Rubens and Titans. You can explore how beautiful the palace is when you wander the place and also you can visit the hidden zoo located in the gardens of the palace. The Marble Palace was once home to 19th Century philanthropist Raja Rajendra Mullick.

Spot Bengal tigers.

Sunderbans, mangrove forests located here are famous for its nature. If you are a nature enthusiast then you need to visit Sunderbans and if you are lucky you can spot the famous Bengal Tigers.  The Sunderbans is one of the largest tiger reserves in the country.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Kolkata is worth drooling as the Kolkata and Bengali cuisine is worth every penny that is spent on them. Try their many variants of seafood, desserts and enjoy every bite of the dish.

Visit the riverside for amazing sunset

Prinsep Ghat, in Kolkata, is known as the best spot to witness the sunset down the horizon and what better way to end a day with a nice image of the sunset. If you are lucky, you can hire a local boatman to take you to the middle of the water and witness the sunset and click some perfectly timed photos.

Visit flower shopping
get up early and head over to Malik Ghat on the banks of Hoogly River where you get to witness many flower traders carrying baskets of flowers. The aroma and the smell of the flowers will turn enchanted in the middle and you can witness how busy the market is and how people try to form the garlands of flowers here.

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