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Things to do in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for Forts, Mahals, Lakes, Camels and its cuisine. One of the largest states in India, Rajasthan is visited by many tourists all year round. The tourists come here to explore the history, culture, cuisine and the beautiful forts and mahals situated in various parts of Rajasthan. You can notice many of the cities in Rajasthan being mentioned in various must-visit places to visit in India and Bikaner is one of the city which is truly marvellous to visit. Situated in the northeastern part of Rajasthan, Bikaner is home for one of 2 models of warplanes used by British. The planes were given as a gift to Maharaja Ganga Singh who was the ruler of Bikaner then. Nicknamed ‘Camel Country’ Bikaner has one of the world’s largest camel research and breeding farms and has best riding Camels in the world.

Bikaner has routes tracing back 1488 CE when Rao Bikaji, a Rathore prince went on a search of a place to start his kingdom as he never wanted to continue the inherits from his father Maharaja Rao Jodhaji. Being one of 5 sons of the Maharaja, Rao Bikaji renounced the idea of inheriting the land of Maharaja and went out in search of a new city to start his administration and wandered to Jangladesh which was called then. He later found the now city of Bikaner as it was one of the important places for trade routes in Central Asia and it was selected as the place for administration by Rao Bikaji.

Having a rich history, Bikaner has many places to visit and you can take pictures of a beautiful city which is on the list of every traveler visiting Rajasthan. We have some recommendations which is must visit on your trip to Bikaner.

1) Camel Festival

Attend the famed International Camel Festival in Bikaner held every year in the month of January. Being home to the best desert camels, Camel festival in Bikaner you can notice Camels being decorated and you can enjoy noticing Camel Dance. Attending this fair you can notice acts from various national and international artists along with an array of fun events that will keep you occupied on your visit to the fair. This is one of the must-visit things to do while you are in Bikaner in the month of January.

2) Karni Mata temple

Known popularly as the rat temple, Karni Mata temple at Bikaner has more than 25,000 rats which makes it one of a unique place to visit in Rajasthan. Legend has it that Laxman, son of Karni Mata drowned in the pool located in Kolayat Tehsil while attempting to drink water. Karni Mata asked the God of Death to revive him, however Yama, The God of Death refused. But after relentless pursuing, Yama agreed to revive all the sons of Karni Mata into rats. Thus rats or kabbas as it is called here are considered holy here and people here eat the food that is nibbled by Rats. Due to its uniqueness, people from far across the world visit this temple and there would be Karni Mata fair held twice a year during the months of March-April and September-October.

3) Junagarh Fort

 Originally called ‘Chintamani’, later was renamed as Junagarh or Old Fort is a fort located in Bikaner. One of architectural wonder, this fort is one of the forts which is not built on a hilltop. At an area of 5.3 hectares, this fort is studded with the palace, temple, and pavillions. It was constructed during the years of 1589-1594AD under the supervision of Karan Chand, who served as Prime Minister under Raja Rai Singh. This fort served as a place of stay for ruling kingdoms, however, after Lalgarh Palace was built the place of residence for the ruling kingdom was moved from Junagarh Fort to Lalgarh Palace. Open from 10:00-16:30 every day, the fort is must visit on your trip to Bikaner.

4) Lalgarh Palace

Built by Maharaja Ganga Singh one of the famous ruler of Bikaner, Lalgarh palace served as an official residence for the kings which overtook Junagarh Fort. One of the places to visit in the city of Bikaner, Lalgarh Palace has drawing rooms, suites, lounges, grand halls, fireplaces, etc. Currently, 2 wings of the hotel are converted into heritage hotel however, Lalgarh Palace still houses members of the Royal Family. You can visit the library section at this palace which is one of the world’s fourth-largest private libraries.

5) Laxmi Niwas Palace.

Stay at this luxurious 5-star accommodation in Bikaner which not only offers royalty like experience but you will be treated royally here. This heritage hotel in Bikaner is must visit to stay as you will cherish this for a lifetime. Upon entering this heritage hotel, you would notice how carefully the arts is carved and its finest finishing will leave you spellbound. It is said King George V and Queen Mary were guests at this finest hotel in Bikaner.

6) Camel Ride in Thar

Camel Safari in Bikaner is a must visit to see where you would be on a guided tour sitting on the back of Camel, they will show in and around the city of Bikaner in a most wonderful way which will leave you craving for more. Various tourist companies are organizing Camel Safari which you can negotiate based on your budget and also the duration which might range from a day tour to multiple day tours. Expect to ride deep inside Thar desert which is a road less traveled to explore some deserted villages in and around Bikaner. A day trip might cost around 1200INR and might increase based on the tour selected.

7) Eat Local cuisine

Food is one of the items where one can relish and get to know the city better and traditional Rajasthani cuisine is one of the best cuisines to try here at Bikaner. Bikaner is also home for its savory Bikaneri Bhujia which as GI tag. You can try out Samosa/Kachori in every nook and corner of the city. The tasteful authentic dishes of Rajasthan will make your mouth water every time you notice a food prepared either in 5-star restaurants or by a street vendor.

8) Skybird Water Park

Beat the desert heat at Skybird water park located near Nal village, Bikaner. One of the best tourist attractions for thrilling water and other rides can be visited by people of all ages. Ideal for families and group travelers, SkyBird Water Park has many adrenaline-filled rides which make your day filled with fun and enjoyment beating the sweltering heat of Rajasthan. There are many small eateries situated in and around the park where you can gorge on some tasteful small bites and continue your exploration inside the adventure park.

We do have so many places to visit in Bikaner but the above mentioned are not to miss destinations in Bikaner.

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