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Things to Do in Amaya Kuda Rah, Luxury Resort in Maldives

Amaya Kud Rah is a luxurious resort and spa located in South Ari Atoll, Maldives. This luxurious resort offers a variety of experience for tourists visiting the island nation. There is no dearth of experience than the main city unless your idea is to shop till you drop

Amaya Kud Rah has its own fitness centre where fitness enthusiast can workout without skipping your leg day ;), they also have a kids play area and an infinity pool

The Stay at this resort is as luxurious as one can expect, situated in the centre of the beach with access to crystal clear water and option of either private villas or suites.

They have around 51 villas where you can stay in either Beach Villa, Water Villa and Suites divided into Beach Suite, Presidential Suite.

Taken from their official website here are the main categories which you can experience in Amaya Kud Rah.

You can take part in Excursions, Cooking classes and Adventurous activities in Amaya Kud Rah.

Cooking classes are conducted here where you can try your hand in the kitchen with the chefs to prepare food, the classes are guided by chefs of the resort who assist you in every possible step so that you can not hate the taste of the food prepared by you, served to you and to be eaten by you.

However, there are no fixed rates as the cuisine and time matters as the menu is specially curated for your taste buds.

The Maldives is known for Adventure Sea Activities and Amaya Kud Rah does not fall behind to provide its guests with the experience. There is no need to visit the main tourist place for adventure spending your precious time and amount to travel to the destination required, below are some of the adventure activities which you can explore at Amaya Kud Rah.

iving – Here there is an option of Scuba Diving one of popular recreational sport where you can dive in clear waters of Kuda Rah Thila where you can notice various aquatic creatures like Reef Sharks, Turtles and others. They have PADI certified trainers who provide you training before diving so that there is no panic before jumping into the water.

  • Kayaking – One of best method to explore the islands slowly and steadily is thru Kayaking, here at Amaya Kud Rah they provide this option where you can grab a Kayak and explore to popular sites in and around the island resort and also if you are trained in diving you can grab the gear and explore which is a win-win situation.
  • Jet Ski – This is for people who love speed, you can speed across the island in jet skis which is fun and exhilarating. Jet ski experience is must experience as this provides thrill and amazing experience.
  • Coral Replanting Project – If you are an active environmentalist this activity is suited for you, here at Amaya Kud Rah there is active coral replanting project where they actively take you to the coral bedding and you can plant a coral once, on the next visit they take you to the location where you planted the coral and you can enjoy the fulfilment of your contribution to ocean.

Amaya Kud Rah also has one-day excursion program’s such as:

  • Cultural Island Experience – This one is must for a person who are interested to explore various cultures across the world where here at Amaya Kud Rah they provide Cultural Island Experience for duration of 150 minutes where they take you to island namely Dhigurah and Dhangethi, here you can study about Maldivian culture and explore the local souvenir shops.
  • Full Day Private Island Experience with BBQ – This is to the couples who want to enjoy the whole day in a secluded island in a cluster of the island with BBQ. Here you can also explore Island Hopping where you can visit small private islands where you can have your own Cast Away kind of experience, you can collect natural souvenir’s. There is no need for you to look for a restaurant as this trip also has private BBQ alongside so that there are no hunger pangs.
  • Snorkelling – You can have this adventure of snorkelling where you can get your own snorkel gear or own one at the resort. This adventure sport can be done anytime during the year however during the dry season this would be the perfect time to explore as you can notice coral reefs, turtles and other fishes swimming right beside you.
  • Dolphin, Whale Shark, Turtle Sightseeing – This is another activity which is available in Amaya Kud Rah where you can undergo sea diving and notice these majestic aquatic creatures and maybe click a photo or two.
  • Private Movie Experience – You can explore this amazing concept of watching your favourite movie under the star-studded sky along with your partner where there are movie snacks available at a nominal price.

Here are some of many experiences which can be undertaken at Amaya Kud Rah resort and spa, so why are you waiting?? Pack your travel bag and book resort, oh and also they provide discounts and offers for early bird booking.

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