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There are many activities to do in Mauritius, a paradisiac destination known mainly for its beautiful beaches, such as Bel-Ombre and luxurious hotels.

It is an island located in the Indian Ocean east of the isle of Madagascar belonging to the African continent. Mauritius is part of the archipelago of Isla Mascarenas, where in addition to this they form the Reunion Island and French. The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, is one of the main attractions of the island.

The trips to Mauritius are commonly chosen by newly married couples who want to spend their honeymoon in paradise. If you are looking to relish your honeymoon in Mauritius, you have arrived at the right place, as here you will have a list of all the activities you can do on the island in addition to enjoying its warm white sand beaches and its resort.

The trips to Mauritius have an estimated price of 1200 € per head. But the estimated average price can drop dramatically if you get any special offer. To do this, ask for a quote to the online travel agency to take advantage of great discounts.

Diving and Snorkeling!

One of the main attractions in Mauritius is to soak in its crystalline waters to discover its coral reefs. Diving in Mauritius will allow you to know an enormous amount of goldfish and marine flora. Also, if you decide to dive in the north of Mauritius, you may see sharks.

For those who do not dare to dive, they have another option called undersea walk, which consists of equipping with a helmet that supplies oxygen to the tourist and allows you to walk on the seabed. If you do not want to immerse yourself so much and stay on the surface you can opt for snorkelling in Mauritius, a fantastic choice to see all life from above.

Travel in Boat!

Boat trips are one of the main things to do in Mauritius, a relaxing activity perfect for friends or couples. If you are travelling with children to Mauritius, you have at your disposal boat trips with the glass bottom, where you will see the entire barrier reef.

You also have catamaran rides, which will take you offshore for possible sightings of dolphins, sharks, etc. The catamaran tours are used to transfer many of the excursions in Mauritius, such as the visit to Isla de Los Ciervos. It is common for boat trips to include lunch and snorkel gear.

Visit Beaches of Mauritius!

If you are going to travel to a paradisiac place, the essential thing is to go its miles of white sand, as is the case of Mauritius. You should know that there is no private beach on the island, so you can walk through them without fear that nobody will recriminate you. The vast majority has to park, so if you decide to travel the island does not have problems leaving your car.

The best beaches in Mauritius and best known are Flic en Flac, Mont Choisy, Grand Baie, Belle Mare and Le Morne Brabant.

Visit La Vanille – Giant Tortoise Reserve!

Needless to say, nature and animals are exciting. I learned that in southern Mauritius they had a program for the conservation and repopulation of giant tortoises; I could not stop visiting it.

These turtles lived in Mauritius and on their neighbouring islands, Rodrigues and Seychelles for centuries. In La Vanille, you can learn about the program, as well as feed the youngest Turtles (3 to 5 years old) and discover the lives of these incredible animals.

Visit Grand Bassin, the sacred Hindu lake!

As soon as you set foot in the first temple, you find yourself, and you feel the magic of this place. The Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao is a natural lake that originated in the crater of an extinct volcano and has become a location of pilgrimage for all the Hindus of Mauritius.

Before entering, you will find the giant statue of Shiva that protects the access to the side. Considering that nearly 60% of the inhabitants of Mauritius are Hindus, imagine some people that come to the lake every year, not to mention the curious tourists who come to know the Grand Bassin.

Once inside, you will see different temples decorated with flowers and incense in honour of Hanuman, Lakshmi, and other Hindu gods.

The Land of the 7 Colors and the Chamarel Waterfall!

The Land of the Seven Colors is one of those natural wonders that impact you when you see them. In this small area of Mauritius, nature leaves us a mixture of colours and shapes unique in the world. It is a geological formation where you can see seven different colours thanks to the blend of minerals and lava.

After climbing a few stairs, you arrive at the platform from where you will see the Chamarel waterfall from above. It is spectacular. But if you want to see it from below, you must follow the indicated path. Watch out, because the descent can be a bit dangerous.

Enjoy the views of the Black River Gorges Nature Park!

Natural Park Black River Gorges is located in the south of the island and covers more than 6,500 hectares. It is one of the lungs of the island, practically intact, where hundreds of species live in freedom.

To have the best views of the park, you cannot miss a stop at the “Black River Gorges View Point.”

Besides, for the more adventurous, the park has more than 60 miles of trails. You can hire a guide who walks you in the park and make a tour that lasts half a day, or you can do it for free, always letting your advice in the information centre of the park.

Destination Mauritius
Mauritius removes most of the covid restrictions
Destination Mauritius
Mauritius removes negative RT-PCR test requirement for fully vaccinated travellers
Destination Mauritius
Mauritius to reopen for travellers from October 01
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