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Theme Dinner on World Tourism Day at ITC Gardenia

MacroTraveller was invited to ITC Gardenia to celebrate World Tourism Day. Followed by Responsible Luxury of ITC Hotels aimed towards working in complete harmony with the seasons of nature, preserving local food cultures and ensuring that good, clean and fair food is accessible by all. Hence, on the occasion of World Tourism Day this year, ITC Hotels across India is showcasing Forgotten Treasures under the aegis of a Responsible Luxury culinary initiative.

Responsible Luxury of ITC Hotels!

The ‘Responsible Luxury’ is manifest in a collection of hotels that mirror the ethos and culture of the destination. Through culinary experiences like Bukhara, Dum Pukht, Royal Vega that abets India’s dominance on the global culinary scape and initiatives like ‘Sunya Aqua’ – Zero km water, Local Love, Kitchens of India series-showcasing the lesser known culinary legacy of the nation.

Also through Well-being initiatives like Kaya Kalp-the spa brand, action on the science of ‘Sleeep’ and Swasthya cuisine. ITC hotels are also working on social initiatives like engaging with local communities towards providing gainful employment that shows a commitment towards nation building, coupled with a commitment to operate according to the highest principles of environmental stewardship.

#MacroTraveller appreciates ITC Hotels for being second home!

World Tourism Day Highlight | Forgotten Treasures Specials!


Koli Uluva Chaaru – Chicken Curry with Horse Gram. Non-veg delight, everybody loved it. Chameen Pera – Dry prawns with coconut and kodampuli. Joula Mamsa Khichdi – Jowar cooked with lamb.

Vegetarian Menu!


I loved Thagani Kaalu Palao – Dry Long Beans in boiled rice. It was delicious indeed.

I tasted Kambu Sadam – Boiled Kodo millets, served with buttermilk. This is also the old dish, and It brought memories back.

Veppam Poo Rasam – Neem flower Rasam. Unbelievable Tasty! It was gratifyingly good. You know rasam, it’s so special to me.

Thakkali Avial – Raw tomato tossed with coconut and green chilli paste. This was too spicy and tasty.

Kirla Ghashi – Bamboo Shoot curry.

Tamboli – Bramhi leaf Curry.

Kaima Chakka Varatharachadu – Breadfruit tossed onion and tomato.


The forgotten meals were well crafted and very tasty. The staff is courteous and helpful as usual. Every stay or visit at the ITC Gardenia has been memorable. #MacroTraveller always looks forward to next visit. Kudos to the management and staff for running an outstanding hotel.

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