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The world’s largest igloo café is now open in Gulmarg.

Tourists visiting Kashmir have one more tourist attraction to check on their bucket list. An Igloo café has now opened in J&K’s Gulmarg region, the newest tourist attraction. 

Additionally, this is said to create a record as the world’s largest igloo café.

Situated at the height of 37.5 ft and a diameter of 44.5 ft, the owner of the café, Syed Wasim Shah, said that it was the world’s largest café of its kind.

He elaborated that as per the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest igloo cafe is in Switzerland, with a height as tall as 33.8 ft and a diameter of 42.4 ft, so the igloo cafe he built is more significant than that.

Credits: Unsplasher, 

The owner also mentioned that he first saw the café in Switzerland a few years back, where this will be equipped with modern facilities. Gulmarg in J&K also receives much snow. Hence he thought, why not start this concept here. 

He also added that he created an igloo cafe last year and claimed that it was Asia’s biggest.

Syed stated that they created the cafe in two steps with a staircase. It can accommodate 40 people at a time, and he also informed them that it took 64 days to complete it.

According to him, the thickness of the igloo café is around 5ft, and they are hopeful it stays till March 15th; hence, until this time, this café will be open to the public. 

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