The Definition of entertainment has been redefined over the time where One can comfortably construe that social habits of man certainly include entertainment as a critical part of life and without which it would become a drab existence.the social life of a individual has gained center stage in the recent times with the competitive world so that it can help people unwind and is here to grow. India’s changing economic and therefore social dynamics today have resulted in a plethora of choices that have been made available to consumers. Entertainment and recreation is serious business with no boundaries.A holistic entertainment approach is the need of the hour that would be able to provide an “One shot stop Solution”.


One of the India’s biggest entertainment company,PVR complete entertainment options for its audiences. PVR has partnered with the Cineplex Group of Thailand to bring to India bluO, India’s biggest bowling chain with 135 cosmic lanes. A one of its kind entertainment concept in India,Taking entertainment and bowling to a next level, bluO is a perfect concoction of bowling, world cuisine, live music and fun concepts coming together.

Bangalore bloggers were invited to experience the finest entertainment experience in the country, i.e BluO.We went to the phoenix market city in mahadevapura,Bangalore.We had an session with Vishal Sawhney, Country Head & COO, PVR bluO who is responsible for managing Operations, Business Development & Projects and Sales & Marketing for bluO.


He gave us the insights, vision and mission of PVR and blu0 and where the entertainment industry is heading to in the next few years.

Bowling at bluO is not just a game of bowling, the wholesome experience that goes with it to cater to the masses and to people of various age groups.bluO has multiple options for family entertainment with complete experience like Karaoke, dart games, etc. which makes it an ideal destination to bond, de-stress and rejuvenate, bluO serves as the perfect host to corporate parties, theme & kitty parties, birthdays & anniversaries as well as get-togethers.

PVR bluO currently has bowling centres in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh.

Food and Beverage
bluO offers a wide range of delectable delights that include delicacies from across the globe to relish on, which are suitable for adults & kids with specific preference. bluO is well provisioned with a bar that stocks both international and domestic liquors. It also houses some choicest wines. Customers can feel free to partake of either non/alcoholic beverage as per their requirements.



“Inkredible Tattoo”- Tattoo Lounge
The Tattoo Lounge has been introduced as a part of integral services of bluO defining the more of “Bowling and More”. The intent is to build an attitude and connect well with our target group; experimental, adventurous, sporty, sexy, edgy, non-conventional…all blended in one! The concept should propel the patrons to dare and create the impulse to go for a permanent/ temporary tattoo to define one’s personality.

Race Tantra- F1 Racing Lounge

The Formula One Racing Lounge at bluO Bangalore as a part of integral services of bluO. The intent is to build an attitude and connect well with our target group; Sportiness, adventure, fun in alternative forms a part of lifestyle for today’s generation.

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