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The US to end health screening from selected travellers

While coronavirus cases continue to batter the world and the US is one of the hard-hit countries in the world where we saw coronavirus cases on the daily rise, the new rule from the government states that they would be ending current health screening from travellers from select countries.

This new rule would suggest that passengers from these countries would no longer need to go through security measures set up by the government at 15 large US airports.

The enhanced security measures were set up by the government in February to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that these changes will be effective beginning Monday.

The current health screening includes Temperature Checks and the travellers vouching for their health has limited effectiveness as asymptomatic tourists show no symptoms yet they spread the virus.

Instead, the health agency suggests that they would focus more on stronger response to illness at the airports, collecting passenger detail electronically to avoid long-lines and “potential testing to reduce the risk of travel-related transmission” of the virus.

The extra health screening is applied to the people who have been to China, Iran, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and most of the European countries and most people coming in who are not US citizens will be barred to enter the US.

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