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The UK Removes all countries from the Covid19 red list

In the latest travel information, the UK removed all the countries from its Covid19 red list. The British government recently announced that it will be removing the last 7 countries from its red list which means that now no traveller will have to quarantine after arriving in the country. 

The changes will come into effect starting 04:00hrs from Monday and the last 7 countries include Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. 

This decision means that the fully vaccinated travellers now no longer need to follow mandatory quarantine in a government hotel. Earlier, a traveller coming from the red list countries had to quarantine for a minimum of 11 days and this was costing around 2000 pounds. 

Speaking about the decision, Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said that ‘as a precautionary measure’ it was needed later. The minister further said that the country will also approve vaccination given in more than 30 additional countries. 

Once Britain had several dozen countries in its red list, several in amber and some in low-risk categories. On October 04, Britain scrapped amber and green list countries and now, the red list countries are also removed.

Karen Dee, chief executive of the Airport Operators Association, called it a significant step that was required to normalise international travel in the country.

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