The UK Approves Covishield vaccine

In their revised travel advisory, the United Kingdom has finally approved SII manufactured, Covishield Vaccine.  ‘Formulations of the four listed vaccines, such as AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzeveria and Moderna Takeda’, qualify as approved vaccines according to the UK Government.

However, even after approval, Indians should still quarantine for 10 days even though they have been administered with both doses of vaccine.

According to the UK government, this is the issue with the vaccine certificate as the UK recognises vaccine certificates from specific countries which are relevant to public health bodies and India is not on the list hence Indian travellers should still quarantine for 10 days upon the arrival.

India had earlier questioned the UK government against the disapproval of Covishield Vaccine and Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan had earlier said that the UK non-recognition of Covishield vaccine is discriminatory and reciprocal measures might be taken.

We still have to wait to know if there is any relief for Indian travellers who are administered with vaccine and the issue with the vaccine certificate is sorted.

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