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The Three Smallest Hotels in the World | #MacroTraveller

There are many places to stay, most of those we know have standards that make them very similar, but there are also very unique hotels. Today we are going to focus on those whose size makes them different. We present the smallest hotels in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Until a few years ago the smallest hotel in the world was on the Isla del Hierro in the Canary Islands, but it has been dethroned by two other hotels that are unique in that they are much smaller in size.

Hotel Central & Café in Copenhagen

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Currently holds the title of “smallest hotel in the world.” It’s called Hotel Central & Café, and it’s in Copenhagen, in Denmark. It has a single room, but it does not lack the smallest detail. Opened on June 19, 2013, its suite has 12 square meters and costs more than 200 euros per night.

It is located in Tullinsgade, 1 in the neighbourhood of Vesterbro. It is one of the most modern and cosy areas of Copenhagen; surrounded by restaurants, bars and cocktail bars that make it one of the liveliest areas and very close to Vaemedamsvej street, the most welcoming street in the city.

It is a hotel with a single room of 12 square meters that does not lack any details: warm wood decor, double bed, flat screen TV and fully equipped bathroom. It is located in a small building, on the top floor of a busy cafe in the area, where neighbours and tourists eat breakfast and delicious delicacies. It was an old shoe store, in a building of 1907, in which the owner built his own house on the top floor. It worked for many years as a business, but it closed in the 80s and in 2013 it was rehabilitated and started working as a café and hotel.

Eh’haeusl in Amberg, Germany

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It is a luxury hotel with only one room, and it really is the whole building, not just the room what you can own per night. It has a very curious history: created in 1728, when a couple wanted to get married, they had to provide the Town Hall with evidence that they had a property; A smart businessman decided to use this construction for potential spouses.

One could buy the property, get married and sell it to the next couple. Therefore, the name of Eh’haeusl “marriage house.” The hotel is always busy, although it costs 240€ per night, many newly married couples want to spend their wedding night in this hotel with so much history.

The hotel is the whole building, and there is no concierge; as soon as they give you the key, you get the whole house: the red room on the ground floor, the room and the bathroom on the top floor. It is decorated with exquisiteness and does not lack any detail to make the stay a romantic and unique place.

Hotel Punta Grande, Isla del Hierro, Canary Islands

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For many years he held the first place in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest hotel in the world. It is a special hotel for many reasons: its location on the edge of the sea, its careful rehabilitation -maintaining the essence of the original construction-, its history intimately linked to the life of the sea and for having held for many years the hotel title smallest in the world.

This hotel is full of history; its construction dates from 1830. It is a house built on a rocky tongue that juts out into the sea and soon a second floor was built. It was a warehouse where the products were stored that would be exported by sea and also had a well of medicinal waters: The Well of Health.

In 1975 it was rehabilitated as a hotel maintaining all the essence of the constructions of the area, wood from the islands and volcanic lava were used for the reconstruction. It has four unique rooms, and all have views of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the ground floor, there is an excellent restaurant specializing in Mediterranean food and fresh fish from the area.

In this hotel you will not find a spa or whirlpool, but if all the relaxing of sleep rocked by the waves of the ocean and wake up with spectacular views, literally on the sea. Of course, it is a tranquil place, where only the onslaughts of the waves make noise, and where we will enjoy spectacular marine and volcanic landscapes.

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