univercell is one of the leading mobile retailing company in India which is always in the lookout to provide the right information to the customer and Enrich the customer by Understanding his needs & Recommend comprehensive mobility solutions

Univercell Sync isn’t just a store,its more than just a store of latest gadgets and gizmos which is a digital-experience store where feel , touch and experience the technology and get to live and interact before you buy so that you get the complete satisfaction.It houses the best in the house gizmos and gadgets which the future has in the store for us.It is more like a star trek set.The future is here.

Univercell Sync is a first of its kind experiential store.It give you a first hand experience to feel, experience and spend time with digital gizmos.The whole idea is to enhance the customer experience by sharing the right kind of information of the gizmo and gadget.


As We entered the store,We felt like we were transported to the set of a Sci-Fi Movie Set.The showroom is classified into various domains.Each of them providing an unique experience to the user.These were the zones:

1) Make a note – Noteable new phones/tabs zone

2) Dream it/ Instagram – Photography zone

3) Play it/ Own it/Live it – Music Zone

4) Just ask section – support zone

5) Angry birds – kids zone

Soumya Menon VP Brand Strategy of Univercell was kind enough to take us around the place and introduce us to all the zones at Univercell Sync.


Noteable New Phones/Tab Zone is a place for the latest top end smart phones.The Best in the Class Smart phones is displayed for experience.


Dream it/ Instagram – Photography zone is dedicated to all people who like to click and share,be it Amateurs and professionals.A fun photo booth powered by the best camera phones helps customer experience their phones, compare pictures before they buy.This is my favorite zone.


Play it/ Own it/Live it – Music Zone which is dedicated to all music lovers where A phone coupled with a music dock makes the set up into a music system thus replacing a traditional Music player. – Music zone will have specially selected docks and headphones/earphones geared to make your music experience with the smart phone easy.


Just ask section – support zone is the zone where the experts would be always happy to answer your queries be it silly or technical.Any product related to tech which is displayed in the Univercell Sync.


Angry birds – kids zone is a arena for the tech savvy toddlers where a small table at a lower level for children. Here a child and parent can play games on tabs together. These games are productive and conducive to the child’s development.


Overall, this is first of its kind experience provided on technology, Gizmo and gadgets.Visit it to Experience it.

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