The seat next to Jeff Bezos sold for US$28 million in an auction!

Now that everybody knows that American Business Magnate Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon will be travelling to space next month along with his brother. On Saturday, an auction for the seat was held and it was sold for a whopping $US28 million.

According to Blue Origin, the space travel firm, the online auction went last month where over 7500 people from 159 countries registered. And on Saturday, there were 20 such bidders.

The bidding picked up its pace when the owner of Amazon, Bezos announced that he along with his brother Mark would also be present in the New Shepard’s flight crew. With this, the bidding took a boost and finally a final bidder was announced. The winning amount will be donated to the firms Club for the Future which is an educational effort to promote science and tech.

The capsule going to the space is fully automated and can accommodate 6 passengers and every passenger will have its window. Meanwhile, the fourth and final seat of the capsule will be announced soon says Ariane Cornell, the firms’ top sales director.

The firm has not yet disclosed the winner and as per the sources, the firm will announce the name of the winner in a couple of weeks. It is said that the name will be announced sometime around 20th July which marks the anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

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