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The Most Important Gadget for the current Times needed in every household : MinionLabs UV Saaph

As we have posted about the award given by DPIIT to MinionLabs, this startup has been in the R&D and innovation from past 3 years and they have released many products which are helpful to both the government and common people. Creating a safe, standard, carbon-neutral products has been an aim to this startup and here is one of the products released by MinionLabs to help during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic where they released UV Saaph.
As coronavirus has been making its wave across many countries, a lot of R&D and Innovation has been conducted by scientists from many countries. MinionLabs also steps into the shoes to research a possible device to help eliminate the virus and they came up with the device named UV Saaph.
Designed like a microwave oven, MinionLabs UV Saaph helps to disinfect surfaces from pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and virus which causes the disease to humans. The device with the help of using UV-C light which has a wavelength of 253.7 nm can kill these pathogens within 4 minutes and offers complete disinfection.
The product is compiled with ISO 15858: 2016 safety standards and is manufactured according to ICMR guidelines, CSIO-CSIR lab certified and is NABL accredited and is tested by IADFAC Laboratory. With the help of UV Saaph, one can disinfect viruses and other pathogens from packages, deliveries, pieces of equipment and parcels within 4 minutes.
Also, the device is suitable for residences, restaurants, hotel, retail stores, banks, commercial and non-commercial buildings. Also, this product can disinfect pathogens from food, food parcels, groceries, vegetables, fruits, gloves, masks etc.
The device has a loadable capacity which other manufacturers promise to provide the same size but will be fitted with additional devices. For eg Minion Promises 32 Ltrs machine whereas other manufacturers design it for 34/32/30 litres but they put a barbecue kind of grill inside where half of the size i.e 15 litres is unloadable and remaining 15 litres only is the loadable capacity. But in MinionLabs UV Saaph, the grill has been designed as a slab where users can utilize entire 32 litres for loading their items for disinfection (laptops, handbags, amazon parcels etc)
One of the best features of this device is it offers 360o disinfestation.   After times and times of research and design, the labs came up with a solution for the product to be 100% disinfected. With planning the labs placed 2 UV light bulbs horizontally and 2 vertically with a select distance between the two. This helped to cover every nook and corner of the device and the product once placed here offers 360o disinfestation. Other products claim to have 360o disinfectant but are not possible with UV lamps.
360 degree disinfection by UV Saaph ~ it is not simply placing 4 lamps on different corners and claiming 360 degree as the UV-C lamps are not tubelights. Uvc rays works in line of sight and it will travel about only 10 cms max (based on wattage) from the bulb. At first UV Saaph used 2 lamps (one at ceiling and one at base) but certification failed as the volume of the product is 32 litres and the uvc energy was ultimately weak inside the Disinfecting chamber. Later, we added one more bulb but failed, then we added another bulb, then also certification failed. And then we understood the UV-C principle and placed the lamps (2 bulbs in ceiling vertically and 2 bulbs in base horizontally ~ placed in certain centimeters distance from each other and from the wall) to achieve 360 degree disinfection ~ in uv saaph at every nuke and corner of the loadable Disinfecting chamber, the UV-C dosage is 67j/m2 which is the ultraviolet susceptibility of the SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) virus in 4 minutes. Two 3rd party laboratories (one Indian and one USA) has tested the same and provided the 99.99% efficacy results.
But whereas other local cheap products / chinese products simply put a lamp one on top and one at base and claiming 360 Disinfecting without any certificates. That too on your comparison ‘Atigo ~ 54 litres capacity is being disinfected by 2 lamps of the same model we are using in uv saaph is totally impossible, i guess they don’t have certification and for 54 litres we atleast needed 8 lamps of the same kind for that wide area.
Now, Time is everything. One thing that we value the most is Time and MinionLabs UV Saaph offers a quick 4 minute 360o disinfestation of the product which is not marketing but as per research and tried and tested out methods the timer is kept. Basically, in the saaph, it takes 4 minutes for 4 UV lamps to disinfect the entire chamber. Other competitor products which offer quick disinfection is all fake as the UV light wavelength cannot travel fast and spread across every nuke and corner of the chamber like MinionLabs UV Saaph does.
Coronavirus will not judge basis on small or big (small object hence it will be there single and since its a large object, I’ll bring my entire coronavirus family and sit). No matter it’s small object or big object, the timing of the disinfection is basis on the uvc dosage vs the capacity of the loadable Disinfecting system and susceptibility rate of coronavirus. For MinionLabs UV Saaph its 2 minutes and to be 200% sure, we kept it at 4 minutes. Again talking on this product u compare ‘Atigo ~ 2 bulbs @ 54 litres capacity ~ even 24 hours if u keep the coronavirus infected objects ~ it will not be disinfected for sure. Next time if you come across something like this product which fools the people, i suggest directly call consumer support and complain about them and eventually without certification and proper tests they shut and go.
And Finally,
Safety is important.
many people basis on internet search they afraid that UV-C is harmful for humans. We at MinionLabs are completely agree the same. It is sooo harmful if the human skin / eye is directly in contact with uvc energy in near contact (if the person puts his hand inside the system or puts his head inside the system), as i already mentioned, uvc is not tubelight, it works on line of sight, it won’t be a problem when the human is farther away from the open door system.
Hence to secure the experience, MinionLabs UV Saaph has the safety door sensor which doesn’t allow the users to disinfect the objects if the door is opened. This allows to contain the uvc inside the chamber itself and it is absolutely safe to be next to the system when the door is closed (just like microwave oven). MinionLabs UV Saaph also cleared UV-C safety certification for the same..
Summing up the key features of
360° disinfecting system.
4 mins disinfectant.
32L capacity.
Digital timer.
1 year warranty.
Replacement in warranty period.
MinionLabs UV Saaph Standard is suitable for residences (apartments and independent homes), restaurants, hotels, retail stores, banks and any commercial/non-commercial buildings. This model can disinfect cooked food packages, groceries, fruits, vegetables, electronic gadgets, currency notes, medical equipment like masks, gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE)  kits and any other kind of packages.
For more information and price: https://www.minionlabs.tech/limited-offer
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