The Future of Banking : AxisPAYUPI

One of the most talked about conversations in the recent times is demonetization and over the last few days, many of our day-to-day activities that are dependent on cash have got affected tremendously and one of the most effective and easy alternatives is Digital payment.

When I was invited to the Axis Pay UPI bloggers meet in Delhi, I had many questions in my mind and how seamless the functionality of the app and technology is integrated across domains.

Axis Pay is one of the front runners for seamless payment technology that is available to the public, it is an easy way to use an app where you can link any bank account to send or receive payments instantly and securely, with just your name.It’s simple as 1-2-3 and no complication or regulations.
Get started:

Sender & receiver to download
Link any bank account to your ID Send & receive secure payments instantly

The best part is No matter which bank you bank with, you can make and receive secure payments instantly using just a name.

Here is the process for using the app.
Get Started:
Download the Axis Pay UPI app from Google Play Store
Select your preferred bank account
Create a unique ID (example – [email protected])
Verify your account & set a PIN
How to send money?
Select your & receiver’s unique ID
Enter amount
Send money by entering PIN
How to ask for money?
Select your & sender’s unique ID
Enter amount
Receive money when sender approves transaction on his app

We had the pleasure to interact with Mr Sangram Singh, Sr VP of Axis Bank who gave us the insights on how UPI works and how AxisPay UPI is different from the existing competitors and digital wallets as well.

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