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The first STREET project introduced by Kerala tourism in Kottayam.

STREET which is an acronym for Sustainable, Tangible, Responsible, Experiential, Ethnic is a project introduced by Kerala tourism to give tourism a breakthrough and also introduce new experiences under experimental tourism.

With the project, there are 10 STREET tourism projects in line and Maravanthuruthu Water Street is the first of the 10 to be developed by Kerala Tourism through its Responsible Tourism Mission Kerala programme.

The Idea behind the STREET projects is to add new and interesting features to the existing list of experiences the state tourism has to offer.

The state tourism board of Kerala plans to develop Maravanthuruthu Water Street as a sustainable and experimental tourism project and inaugurating the water street is the first step for the project.

To make this water STREET sustainable, the local government along with villagers cleaned and revived the 18 water canals and three rivers.

Kayaking and night safari are included in the plan to make this an interesting tourist place.

With these STREET projects, the practice of responsible tourism is expected to reach more destinations.

Just like the Water Street theme, the STREET project has many themes including Green Street, Cultural Street, Ethnic Cuisine Street, Village Experiential Tourism and Art Street to name a few.

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