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The domestic Aviation Passenger number falls by 29% in the month of April.

One of the worst-hit sectors due to the pandemic is the travel sector and India has been experiencing the worst second wave of coronavirus and is said to be one of the worst-hit countries forcing many other countries to ban flights and also advise stringent checks for passengers arriving from India.

As a result of this, the tourism industry and especially the aviation industry has been struggling hard to recover, with a new wave of coronavirus in the month of April, the aviation industry saw a steep decline in the number of passengers and as per the reports, it saw a decline of 29% compared to March in the domestic air passengers.

As per reports, over 78.2 lakh people traveled domestically in the month of March and it saw a huge decline where over 57 lakh people traveled domestically in the month of May.

The steep decline was due to the second wave of coronavirus which started towards the end of March and as per ICRA, the decline was due to passengers unwillingness to travel in flights to avoid exposure to highly infectious virus thus there was a steep decline of 29% compared to march and April passengers.

Reportedly, the number of departure of flights also came down to 60,300 in April compared to 71,300 in the month of March. The number of flight departure has seen a decline since February where daily over 2300 flights used to depart which has been cut short to 2000 flight departure per day. It has also been noted that the average number of passengers in flights to be around 93 in the month of April compared to 110 passengers per flight in the month of February.

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