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The 3 Most Spectacular Cruises in the World | #MacroTraveller

To this day, there is practically no single cruise that cannot be described with the word ‘spectacular.’ However, there are still some that stand out above the rest. Here you have the three most impressive.

The human being has always liked to do everything in a big way. Although minimalist art triumphs and has its point, there are aspects in which simplicity does not serve us. Without going any further, many times, when we organize our vacations, we look for the most luxurious, the most exclusive, the most in every way. And we have a clear example of this on cruises. If the simple fact of visiting different tourist destinations and traveling on a boat with all possible amenities could be described as ‘the most’, imagine doing it on a spectacular boat, almost impossible to imagine.

That is the goal set by the organizers and designers of these boats, which are getting bigger, more exclusive and more impressive. It seems incredible that at this point they can continue to surprise us, but it is true. I want to bring you a sample of it and, for that reason, I have investigated, and I have discovered which the three most spectacular cruises in the world are at this moment. Of course, as they never fail to overcome, it is very likely that soon they will be overwhelmed by a new one.

Symphony of the Seas

This is, without a doubt, the most spectacular cruise in history. Practically new boat, which was presented not long ago Royal Caribbean for the summer of 2018. It has nothing more and nothing less than 18 decks, and it can travel more than 8,000 people between crew and passengers, overwhelming numbers, especially if we have noted that we are talking about a ship.

With these dimensions, you will imagine that it has all kinds of services and leisure and entertainment options, such as mini-golf, a wall for climbing and even a surf simulator. But that is not all. One of its main novelties is the inclusion of a massive slide in the aft area, the largest ever built for a cruise.

Restaurants of all kinds, areas of a walk with vegetation that we are not able to imagine in a cruise, the most extensive Spa you can find on a boat and much more … All this to make your trip a total experience.

Harmony of the Seas



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Until recently, the Harmony of the Seas was the largest and most spectacular cruise in the world, now surpassed by the aforementioned Symphony of the Seas. In this case, around 5,400 people can travel on it, which shows the huge jump that has occurred in a very short time, since it was built in 2016.

Concerning services, they are very similar to those of his successor, but perhaps on a smaller scale. In his day, what most caught the attention was the division of the ship into seven neighborhoods on board, something never seen before in such dimensions. The Central Park, designed for relaxed walks surrounded by wildlife, is perhaps the most striking and spectacular. And it has up to more than 10,000 plants. All this inside a boat, let’s not forget it.

Again, the offer in restoration is brutal and even has a bar carried entirely by robots, something unique if we talk about the world of cruises. Besides, another of the great attractions of the Harmony of the Seas is its theater, with capacity for more than 1,300 spectators, in which the shows do not stop happening night after night.

Allure of the Seas

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This boat, which occupies the third box of the podium, is another of the most spectacular in the world and, in short, it is practically the same as the previous ones but on a smaller scale. This time we talked about 5,400 passengers, a number quite similar to the Harmony of the Seas. Of course, something less evolved and less spectacular.

The seven neighborhoods we spoke of are once again present, as it is one of the hallmarks of Royal Caribbean, but it is not the only thing that catches the attention of the Allure of the Seas. Within these neighborhoods, great importance was given to dedicating one of them entirely to children, where they find all kinds of games and entertainment activities, including a merry-go-round.

Besides, many shops can be found in different areas of the cruise, as well as restaurants and leisure options, such as a surf simulator or a spectacular zip line, for many one of the most incredible experiences that can be experienced in high sea.

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