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Losing yourself was never so fun! The labyrinths are a challenge for the human mind. While some say that walking is a good way to strengthen meditation, others feel overwhelmed with just thinking … For those who want to get lost to meet again and those who want to overcome the enigmatic character of them. Here, I bring you the list of the 10 most spectacular labyrinths on the planet, where you will know the largest maze in the world, the most difficult to get out and the impressive maze made entirely of ice.

# 1 | Longleat Hedge Maze





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Longleat Hedge Maze of England considered one of the longest labyrinths in the world, extends for 2.72 kilometers of road and, depending on the pace of each person, and it will take between 20 and 90 minutes to complete it. Once inside they make the situation and orientation practically impossible.

# 2 | Cherry Crest

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In the North American State of Pennsylvania is the leisure center called Cherry Crest, the farm of adventure, where it is possible to travel a complicated labyrinth of 3.2 kilometers. Its design is so tricky that two guides go through it regularly to assist the brave tourists.

# 3 | Labyrinth of Laurel in Glendurgan

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Venture in the labyrinth of laurel in Glendurgan Cornwall (England) and see if you are the first to reach the center. There are not many gardens with a beach at the end, so to get there; you will pass through undulating coastal hills with their rows of old oaks and pines.

# 4 | Labyrinth of sunflowers at the Van Gogh Museum

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The Van Gogh Museum opens a new entrance, and it is a gigantic labyrinth composed of 125,000 sunflowers located in the Museumplein in Amsterdam. The Museum also collects paintings and works by one of the most famous artists in the world, Vincent van Gogh.

# 5 | Dole Plantation Maze

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The pineapple labyrinth has the honor of being the largest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It is situated on the north coast of Oahu (Hawaii) in a place known as Dole Plantation. It consists of 14,000 native plants, such as hibiscus, heliconias, and pineapples. As well as the crotons, which shape the enormous pineapple that decorates its center.

# 6 | Horta Labyrinth Park



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The Laberinto de Horta Park located in Barcelona (Spain) is formed by 750 meters of cut cypress trees and is in the lower level of the three that make up the park. A statue of Eros, the mythological representative of love, awaits us at the center of the puzzle. It is said that the trick to get out is to turn almost always to the right.

# 7 | The York Maze

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Tom Pearcy from England decided to make his maze a magical experience, by creating two portraits of Harry Potter in his cornfield. With more than a million corn plants in 50 meters in diameter, the York Maze is the largest maze in Europe.

# 8 | French labyrinth of Reignac-Sur-Indre

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It was inaugurated in 1996 and stands out for its changing vegetation depending on the seasons. Each year, a corn or sunflower maze emerges from the ground in the summer period offering its customers the chance to try their luck in solving this circular puzzle.

# 9 | Ice Maze

A spectacular labyrinth made during the World Championship of Ice Art in Alaska, where more than two thousand spectators were treated to a sinuous labyrinth wholly made of ice

# 10 | Labyrinth in honor of the Blackhawks

An enormous corn maze was inaugurated in honor of the champions and owners of the Stanley Cup. Richardson Adventure Farm created the labyrinth inspired by the Chicago hockey team. In the design, it includes the logo of the Blackhawks, two hockey players and the word “Champions.”

The owners of the farm say they have the largest and funniest corn maze in the world. In addition to touring the labyrinth, you can enjoy pig races, train rides, among other activities for children and adults.



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