The 10 Most Hospitable Countries in the World 

Defining which are the most hospitable countries in the world is not easy. At the end of the day, in all the countries of the planet, there are friendly people who offer a warm welcome to the traveller. And also, in all the nations, the one who sees the foreigner as an intruder doesn’t cease to exist, and they make it known with their gestures and attitudes.

And we must bear in mind that the opinion of each person is conditioned by the individual experience that lived in a certain place. There may be unpleasant facts in places where people are very nice and vice versa. That is why the ranking of the most hospitable countries in the world is always relative.

Be that as it may, we have consulted the top 10 of the most hospitable countries in diverse sources and dates. It is clear that the name of some is repeated with some frequency. Based on that, here is my ranking, in no particular order.

  1. Iceland

Iceland appears in all listings of the most hospitable countries in the world. Likewise, in almost all figures in the top positions. Icelanders are very kind people, who are always willing to help a person who is in difficulties. In fact, they are famous for their affability for a long time. In the works of Jules Verne that distinctive feature of this fabulous country was captured.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is among the happiest countries in the world, and this is not surprising. The quality of life of its inhabitants is one of the highest on the planet. There the slogan is equality: you lavish full respect, regardless of your origin or economic capacity. There is a deeply rooted culture of ensuring the rights of all people.

  1. Portugal

The Portuguese are people from overseas. They have very internalized the spirit of the migrant, and for that reason, they are incredibly receptive and hospitable to any traveller. They know how to welcome those who come from abroad and do their best because they feel comfortable in their country. They are altruistic, open and sincere. Besides that, the country is beautiful, its people decorate it even more.

  1. Spain

It is true that in the big cities of Spain, as happens all over the world, hospitality is not such a visible feature. However, in the smaller towns, it is very evident that the welcoming and affable spirit of the Spaniards. It is very easy to be greeted without knowing you and to do everything possible to make you feel good. The southern part of Spain is particularly famous for the kindness of its people.

  1. Ireland, one of the most hospitable countries in the world

Ireland is world famous for the kindness of its people. One of the popular slogans in that country is: “There are no foreigners, there are only friends that you have not met yet.” The Irish are outgoing and curious, always open to know more about the travellers who visit them. They make conversation easily and are very helpful with those who demand their help.

  1. Canada

Canadians are very polite and friendly. Courtesy is a hallmark in this country of people with a great sense of humour and very open to the world. As it is a nation of immigrants, the culture that prevails is to welcome those who come from other parts of the world as if they were a Canadian. This, added to the impressive beauty of the country, places Canada as one of the favourite destinations of foreigners. Something that cannot be missed.

  1. Costa Rica

Not for nothing Costa Rica is one of the countries in Latin America that has the most foreign residents. It is a nation that has everything to attract any visitor. In a survey about this, 80% of travellers said they feel at home when they go to Costa Rica. Many stays there because of the high human and environmental quality of the whole nation.

  1. Uganda

Uganda is for many the most friendly country in the world. The kindness and the excellent treatment with the traveller are something that is in the culture and the DNA of the country. The majority of those who visit this nation fall in love with it, mainly because of the warmth of its people.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is known throughout the world as “the country of the smile.” Not missing in any top 10 of the most hospitable countries on the planet. The Thai idiosyncrasy is of welcome and respect with the visitor. All this, without forgetting that the country is an exquisite mixture of tradition and modernity, within the framework of fabulous landscapes and spectacular gastronomy.

  1. Philippines

The Philippines has a privileged geographical position. This has caused many multinationals to set up branches there. Therefore, there are many foreigners in this country, where English is spoken, mainly. The locals are very open and helpful. They don’t save expressions of enthusiasm and welcome for those who visit them.

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