Phuket Thailand

Thailand Yacht Show 2020 at Royal Phuket Marina in Phuket

Every year from the last 5 years, yachting enthusiasts gather at Royal Phuket Marina for an annual ‘The Thailand Yacht Show’. In January 2020, Royal Phuket Marina hosted its 5th edition of ‘The Thailand Yacht Show’ where they showcase spectacular display of yacht, marine equipment and many other products. Due to its popularity, The Thailand Yacht Show has established itself as the leading consumer boat show in Thailand. The yacht show was held for 4 days from January 9 to January 12th which I was happy to be a part of the spectacular event. The show was organised by Verventia along with strong support from key players from industry, agencies affiliated to Government of Thailand and many other yacht enthusiasts gather here and commemorate this event where visitors get to view premier and most iconic brands at Royal Phuket Marina. There will be stunning boats for exhibits, you can speak with local brokers, property developers and get to know more about these yachts and also speak more about the maintenance etc. The 2020 edition of The Thailand Yacht Show was exciting and also got to know that there were additions such as custom-built VIP Lounge, Exhibition Hall and Floating Bar. There were many interactive events with family-friendly activities in place so that there was no reason for any families to just visit and skip events. The Royal Phuket Marina had planned for many events lined up for all 4 days of this spectacular event which can be enjoyed by yacht enthusiasts and visitors alike. Nearby to the Royal Phuket Marina, a superyacht hub was located at the private island of Koh Rang Noi where over a dozen of luxury and superyachts where being displayed. We also learned how Royal Phuket Marina is one of the best Marina in town where they gave us a tour of the dry stack, hardstand, wet berth, boardwalk and many other places which needs to be visited by everyone. Mr Ben McCory, Marina Manager told us more about the Marina and how the boat show helps to make the Royal Phuket Marina a perfect place to hold many events. The event was glitzy and extravagant which made one feel luxurious. And with a community of yacht owners, property owners etc we got many insights into their lifestyle. I was happy to be a part of the event where I stayed at Royal Phuket Marina. To be truthful, the places are absolutely amazing and I never felt of returning back after experiencing my stay there.

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