Destination Thailand

Thailand to reopen for tourists starting October if all goes according to the plan.

If all goes well in the country of Thailand, it might reopen completely for vaccinated tourists starting mid-October. The government is looking to restart the tourism industry at the right time where its tourism sector has been affected by the pandemic. Restarting the country would be a glimmer of hope for numerous people who are dependent on tourism.

According to Thai Prime Minister,  Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Foreign Travellers and Thai citizens who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus will be allowed inside the country without quarantine or any such restrictions.

The PM also said that the demand to push the reopening of the country can create problems where he said “I know this decision comes with some risk because, when we open the country, there will be an increase in infections, no matter how good our precautions.”

He further said, that when the economic needs of people are taken into consideration then one can see that they need to take a calculated risk. The decision will be reconsidered if a serious situation develops in later stages. The country had previously planned to reopen in the month of January however due to adverse situation caused by the pandemic, the country went into lockdown mode once again.

Destination Thailand
As Covid cases decrease, Thailand considers easing the travel curbs.
Destination Thailand
Thailand plans to reopen its capital city
Overseas tourists roam free on the Thai island of Phuket without quarantine.
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