Destination Thailand

Thailand: 14 Trips that offered something new every time & More !

After13 years of travelling as a travel blogger, Thailand has been one of my favourite countries to travel.Since i have travelled 14 times to Thailand I fondly remember my first visit to Thailand during my college days where I explored the capital city of Bangkok and the famous Pattaya town where I had an incredible experience to taste the tryst with the culture of Thailand.

I explored shopping districts, malls, tiger temples, buddha temples in the capital city of Bangkok and also experienced the cool waters from the beach town of Pattaya.

Since this experience, I fell in love with this top tourist destination in South East Asia and many such trips followed to the country which made me fall in love with travel.

In the coming years, I visited Thailand on many occasions be it for travel with friends or official purposes, the country always gave me a new experience during every visit. In the past decade of travel, I have visited the places of Thailand such as Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok on various occasions and I want to explore this country still more in the coming years.

Thailand really gives the sense of Relax and Rejuvenate during every visit and I felt this a lot when I had visited the district of Chiang Mai during 2018, the greenery, culture and overall vibes of the town of Pai gave me a sense of freedom during my visit. My short stay here gave me a week’s worth of recuperation feeling which I felt even after long hours of travel.

The popular beach town of Phuket which I had visited in the year 2019 was the highlight as it provided a great sense of relaxation, I had an opportunity to explore the Islands, explore the town of Phuket also a stay at the famous Royal Phuket Marina where I had a sense of relaxation and was rejuvenated on my visit.

During my visit here, I noticed how different the Northern and Southern districts of Thailand welcomed tourists, the parties, food, culture and how they support tourists in every aspect over the years which gave me the sense that Thailand is and always will be one of the top tourist destination countries in South East Asia for years to come.

Here is the visual summary of my Travel experiences

1) Banana Beach, Phuket

2)Royal Phuket Marina is the first and only marina in Thailand that won the 5 Gold Anchor Award

3) The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

4)Pong Duat geyser

5) Above Thailand in Thai Airways
6)Mae Hong Son Cross country run

7)Karen village at Ban Huay Hom where locals produced Arabica coffees

8) Thailand Delicacies

9)Mok Fah waterfall ,Chiang Mai


Destination Thailand
Vaccination proof is not required for international visitors travelling to Thailand.
Destination Thailand
Foreign tourists can now extend their stay in Thailand as Covid eases
Destination Thailand
From July 01, Thailand does not require a Thailand pass and health registration
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