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Ten things to see when you travel to Cambodia | #MacroTraveller

What should we not miss if you go to Cambodia? These are the ten must-have things to see if you are going to Cambodia for a tour. This list is very subjective and depends on the tastes of each, but surely among these ten proposals, you find some that catch your attention. It is the best of Cambodia.

  1. Visit the temples complex of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, World Heritage Site. One of the wonders of the world. Possibly if you are traveling to Cambodia, you will be to see this vast temple. Do it on a bike or Tuk Tuk for more fun!
  2. Use a Tuk Tuk to tour the temples area of Siem Reap and surroundings. Don’t miss a lifetime experience. I recommend that to have an agreement with a local tuk-tuk driver and that you pass with you every day that you stay in the area.
  3. Visit the royal palace of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Another must visit place. There is not much to say.
  4. Tour the temples of Bayon (famous for their smiling faces), and Ta Prohm or Temple of “Tomb Raider,” famous for being covered their structures by the roots the trees. You do not have to see a single temple … Hundreds are worth it. Everything will depend on the number of days you stay in the area: I advise you to at least these two days.
  5. Tour the Tonle Sap Lake and its floating villages. Try to choose the less touristy villages. It is worth it if you visit one that is not very crowded.
  6. Visit the Choeung Ek Memorial in Phnom Penh, a memorial built to honor the victims who were executed during the Khmer Rouge regime.
  7. About 80 km from Siem Reap, we can tour one of the most incredible temples in Cambodia, Beng Mealea. Imperative for several reasons: It is not restored, and the jungle has conquered it. At the entrance of the temple, there are local guides (very cheap, just ask for a tip) that will take you to travel the entrails of the semi-ruined temple, entering by passages, climbing rocks and climbing the most unsuspected places. It is worth it, especially if you go in Tuk Tuk through the rural area that you have to cross to reach the temple, by red dirt roads and with the mask to be able to breathe.
  8. Visit Kampot and Kep to know the true spirit of authentic Cambodia, away from the masses of tourists. They are two areas that are not usually visited, but are two of the most interesting if you want to know the way of life of Cambodians.
  9. See the sunset in Angkor Wat. If the tangle of tourists allows you. Afterward, taste the Cambodian food at the foot of the street in the Old Market of Siem Reap. In the photos, it always seems that no people are visiting these sites. It is not true. There are many tourists, but it is not something that has to discourage you.
  10. Visit the island of Koh Russei in front of the city of Sihanoukville. A perfect place to relax. If you want to change the nuance of your trip to Cambodia, it is necessary to visit this area and stay a few days in the sun. You have very expensive accommodations and other cheaper ones. It is best to leave it at the end of the trip and thus recover from the visits to Siem Reap.

MacroTraveller Tip: At least you must stay in Cambodia for 5 days, and it would be better to spend about 10 days to see all the main points of the country.

Cambodia Destination
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Cambodia Destination
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