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Temples in Beautiful Locations in India

Temples in North of India differ to that from South. The South Indian temples have Dravidian Style of Architecture and the temples in North have Nagara Architecture.  Apart from this style the construction also varies from the temples from South India as they have distinct shapes of Gopuram and garbhagruha. Also, the design of Mandapa is different from that of the south.

Saying this, we distinguished the architecture of temples from North and South. But a visit to these temples is worth as they are situated with a beautiful backdrop and some temples also have adventure activities attached to it.

Amaranth Temple, Jammu & KashmirImage Credits :

one of the famous temples in North India is the Amaranth Temple. Situated at a distance of 3888m from Sea Level, the only way to reach here is via trek. It is a very popular temple due to the fact that the Shiva Linga formed here is natural and it is formed in the cave due to freezing water droplets. It is one of the ancient temples in North India and many people form a group to visit this sacred temple. It is believed to be home of Lord Shiva and the temple can be visited during the months of June to August. Apart from these months, the region cannot be accessed and during the holy month of Shravana lakhs of visitors trek to this place to offer prayer to Lord Shiva.

The trek to Amaranth is beautiful as it is, however it comes with its share of adventure as this is situated in Himalayan regions, you get to experience cold weather and sometimes, the trek route can have landslides which might make it difficult to trek. The approximate trek time ranges around 3 hours where the nearest town is Baltal which is around 14kms from here. Baltal is well connected via roadways from Srinagar and Jammu.

Vaishnodevi Temple, Jammu & Kashmir

another one temple that is situated in midst of Himalayan Range of Mountains is Vaishnodevi temple which is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. The idol of Mahalakshmi rides on a tiger and holds bow, arrow, trident, lotus, mace and sword in seven of her arms. The eight-arm of the Goddess is in the gesture of Abhaya. The cave is situated at a distance of 5200ft and the worshipper’s trek here from the base camp of Katra which is situated around 14kms from the temple. The trek duration is around 3 hours and it can be accessed anytime except winters. Also, try to explore the region and it is good to visit during offseason times.

The nearest railway station is Udampur Station and there are many government-owned bus runs from J&K to Katra.

Kedaranath temple, Uttarakhand

Kedaranath Temple in Uttarakhand is one of the temples that are a part of Dwadasha Jyothirlinga temples. And it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every year lakhs of visitors trek the difficult path to reach the temple. The temple is located around 3583m above sea level and is flanked by snow-clad mountains all year round. The temple was partially destroyed in 2013 flash floods and now it is regaining its visitors and can be visited during months of May, June, September and October.

Nearest airport being Jolly Grant and nearest railway station is Rishikesh.

Badrinath Temple, UttarakhandOne of the famous temples in Uttarakhand is Badrinath temple. This forms as a part of Char Dham yatra that is conducted here every year. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu is located near to the banks of Alakananda River. The statue of Lord Vishnu here is around 3.3ft tall and is of black in colour.

The temple is open for 6 months from April to November, as it is situated in Himalayan Foothills the temple is less accessible during winter months. The temple is easily accessible by the road where many taxis ply in where they drop you off near to the temple.

Gangotri temple, UttarakhandGangotri Temple in Uttarkashi District, Uttarkhand is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. The sacred temple is surrounded by beautiful views of the Himalayan Mountains and sacred river Ganga. Early mornings in this temple is worth visiting as the sunrise spreading on mountain region offer some of the beautiful views of the surroundings of Gangotri temple the temple is located around 3000m from sea level and is surrounded by lush green forests and cool climate all year round.

One can visit Gangotri Temple during the months of May to October as the winters will be harsh and the temple will be closed during these times. Many cabs offer to take you a ride to reach the temple.

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