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Technology is SERIOUSLY evolving

Ever wondered about how far we have come in our ability to connect with others and how far exactly we will go from here? Have we come this far to only come this far? If you look back in time and trace where we came from then it will help us understand where we are today and, more importantly, where we maybe going in the future.

Take a moment and consider the evolution of connectivity. We became homo sapiens approximately 2,00,000 years ago. With the rise of sophisticated language, it became easier for us to communicate and shape the civilisation as we know it today.

Then much later in 1835, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph that set the stage for the greatest technological evolution in history. That invention marked the step of technological advancement that transformed our lives dramatically.

Alexander Graham Bell, one of the greatest inventors in history, invented the telephone in 1876 that enabled humans to converse directly over great distances as if they were present in the same room. We might not realise it right now but it was one of the most path breaking inventions there have been.

Mobile phone technology emerged in the year 1979 and progressively evolved to the present where mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. And then immersed the Internet – in 1994. It was introduced to the public in this year though it had actually been around since the 1960s.

This brief historical timeline brings to light our present situation in the field of technology. Technology, that has been surprising us for years now. What about the future? What is it then that the future of connectivity holds for us?

Panasonic Smart Phone will unveil the answer to this question soon during their launch event on March 27, 2017. Now, while there might be some time to the grand unveil don’t fret and exercise those grey cells by participating in their #WhoIsArbo contest. If you give the most creative answer, then you might become one of the lucky winners to win some exciting prizes.

For more contest details you can visit https://twitter.com/Panasonic_mob
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Panasonic_mob

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/panasonicsmartphones/

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