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Taiwan resumes cruise travel

One of the luxurious ways to travel is via Cruise and globally many cruise companies offer worldwide tours.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the cruise travel was severely affected and we have read reports of many cruise ships denied entry to the land space due to restrictions in place by many countries. As travel is slowly catching up, Taiwan has recently announced that it will resume cruise travel.

On July 26, Taiwan resumed its cruise travel with separate COVID quarters in the ship, the country along with other handfuls of countries joined hands to resume cruise travel after the standstill bought by COVID-19. Hence, to boost tourism the country began cruise travel however, the ships will carry 1/3rd of maximum passenger limit. The companies should conduct temperature checks and has 22 COVID wards to isolate passengers if fallen sick.

Thus, once the cruise travel begins over 900 of travellers will be able to explore the islands with new safety guidelines laid down by the government. The first of the cruise ships is from Hong Kong’s Explorer Dream which will take off from  Keelung port in Taiwan. The cruise covers the picturesque islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu which is a 5-day journey from Taiwan.

Cruise travel is a part of the government effort to boost its tourism and also to allow people to start travel after months of lockdown.

Cruise ships carrying passengers where only one-third of passengers will be allowed, besides that 500 crew members should undergo a mandatory 21-day health check and all front line staff should wear masks and gloves. Buffet services, spa and casino will be closed. And at the dining, divider screens are installed so that one person can eat with safety regulation.

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