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Taiwan may scrap the three-day quarantine starting mid-October

The nation of Taiwan may scrap the three-day quarantine period for arrivals around mid-October as covid related cases are declining and the rules for the same are easing around the world.

The island joins other regional holdouts moving to reopen their borders to travellers.

To take up the decision, the government will continue to monitor the cases for another week and depending on the situation, the government will decide to scrap the quarantine period two weeks ahead of its scheduled date.

The measures would also include removing quarantine for tourists and lifting a ban on tour groups, said Cabinet spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng in a press meet.

For now, anyone arriving in the country needs to take RAT (Rapid-Antigen Test) instead of a saliva-based PCR test. The weekly arrivals cap will increase to 60,000 from 50,000 starting Sept. 29, with plans to further expand it to 150,000.

The government is also facing pressure to reopen the economy as there has been slow global demand for electronics, high inflation and rising geo-political tensions with mainland China.

Earlier this month, Taiwan resumed visa-free entry for travellers from countries it currently shares diplomatic ties with and the US, as well as other European nations, though the duration of their permitted stay varies.

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