Sweden is now home to the worlds largest outdoor bar

Sweden has turned itself into the World’s Largest Outdoor bar where it has taken an idea of locally sourced ingredients to the next level and has managed to turn itself into an open-air bar.

As per the reports, one can enjoy this option by booking one of the 16 tables which are spread across the country’s scenic landscapes. Whilst sitting here, ready-made beverages are available here, additionally, beverage experts from various part of the country will also guide guests by creating their drinks where the ingredients are collected outdoors.

Swedish officials have already set up 16 socially distanced tables across different locations of the country. These are the spots where the visitors can go and explore surrounding areas for ingredients. You can hunt for individually sourced ingredients where you can mix them up and create a one-of-a-kind cocktail and it comes with expert guidance who are some of the world’s top bartenders.

The country’s 100-million acre pantry of fruit, berry, vegetables and crystal spring water is open to everyone now says Jens Heed, Program Director Food Travel at Visit Sweden.

Reports have suggested that one of the tables have been set up at Swedish Lapland which is known for fishing, canoeing, forest walking. Another table has been set up at a place near Western Sweden. These tables have been set up strategically where one can enjoy amazing views of nature.

Sweden has a concept of ‘right to public access where it is an open invitation for everyone to roam outside as long as they do not harm the surroundings.

Due to lockdown, non-essential travel to Sweden is not allowed in the EU hence many have to give it a miss, and if the idea continues for the rest of the year then the restrictions might be lifted and they can visit Sweden to enjoy this unique experience.

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