Recently went to Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield for Whitefield Streat Kitchen festival which is there every Wednesday for Dinner. It was wonderful to see street food being celebrated by such a big five star hotel. I was sure that we could enjoy to our heart’s content without worrying about the food quality or taste!

Started with Nasheele rasagulle which is Rasagolla in Vodka flavored Strawberry syrup! It provided the perfect start to an amazing event of food with a twist! I had Vodka panipuris before, this tasted as good if not better!

Loved the way the Alcohol menu for the evening was designed in two sections – Daru Desi for Alcholics and Bina Daru Ki Shaam for Non-Alcoholics. Daru Desi had Meri Lassi (raspberry syrup yogurt vanilla ice cream with vodka), Jaani add some rum paani (shikanjivi with white rum) along with Nasheele rasagulle. In Bina Daru Ki Shaam, there were Desi Kala Cola, Shikanivi and Jal Ki Raani (jaljeera with soda).

The Streat food festival was nicely laid out in the open air area of Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield hotel. We started out with Chaat Counter which was in a food truck. Chef was making the aalo patty freshly and then mixing it with different spices and chaat accompaniments. The taste was good as the road side taste but much more healthier and hygienic for sure!

There was also a Pav Bhaaji stall where you could get some very good bhaaji freshly prepared along with Hot paav. In the same stall you could get Mutton Kheema Paav. It was really yummy bhaaji which I enjoyed more than even Mutton Kheema Paav.

In main course, there some amazing mutton and chicken biryanis along with veg biryanis. The ulta tava paratha was the highlight of the breads section. The entire street food feel was excellent and enjoyable for the entire family!

There were some yummy fish which were marinated and then deep fried in oil. Generally I would avoid this on the street as it is a recipe for disaster! But as the oil is fresh and the entire fish is fried very hygienically here, I tried and enjoyed the fish!

Here you can see the Mackerel fish fry along with Mutton Biryani which I enjoyed at the Marriott Whitefield Bengaluru Streat Food Festival which happens only on Wednesdays during dinners!

For desserts, there were some really yummy and fresh Jalebis being made right in front of us. I loved the jalebis which just melted in our mouths! I would go back to Streat food festival just for this!

Another interesting dessert was the Gadbad with Fruit Chaat. One of the local favorites, I really enjoyed the Gadbad ice cream and enjoyed some really fresh fruits. It is definitely one of the healthier options!

One very interesting stall was the Desi Tarra stall (local bar) set up with Bhayankar Thandi Beer (really cold Beer) and loads of wine and cocktails! To get the real feel of Street food without spoiling your health, you must visit Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield for Whitefield Streat Kitchen festival which is there every Wednesday for Dinner!

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