Staycation Experience at Courtyard by Marriott Hebbal Bengaluru

Marriott chain of hotels which are one of the most revered and respected hotels are now open to visitors after a hiatus from the pandemic.  And it is now open to visitors and they are offering exclusive discounts and offers to entice people who are looking at a new form of visiting and staycation experience.

I had an opportunity to stay at the Courtyard by Marriott which is one of the chains of Marriott hotels in Bangalore located in Hebbal where I had visited as their staycation experience. Amid, coronavirus with safety precautions the hotel opened for visitors.

So, on Day 01 of my staycation experience, I got ready and went to their property where during the check-in I was checked the Aarogya Setu application status, and also, they took the temperature reading. Welcoming, inside once initial screenings are done our baggage was sanitized and we were provided sanitizer to sanitize. The region is marked by keeping social distance in mind.

Once our baggage has been sanitized, I was allowed inside and provided a welcome drink and a personalized welcome note. Noticed the reception region was covered with glass or fiber for the safety of both guests and staff. We were checked-in and a small tour was given about the lobby and other regions so that it gave us confidence that we are safe against the dreaded virus. The lobby is cleaned with industrial-grade cleaners and sanitizers.

We were given a short tour of Glazed the F&B outlet at the courtyard, poolside where the pool and surroundings are neatly maintained with no compromise on cleanliness. Also, as it is the time of the festival of lights the Diwali gift hampers and other products are on display so that we do not lose out on the festival vibes amid the corona situation.

Thus, we were given an entire tour of the property and was stressed on the hygiene, safety, and cleanliness of the place. I was impressed and also noted that amid this tough situation the hotel people are trying their best to provide the experience which they used to provide before this situation.

It was the time for Lunch after the tour of the hotel and sat down at ‘The Hebbal Café’ where we were explained about the preparation of food, ambiance and how the Café is maintained where social distance is followed at all times. This is due to the fact that the dining table is where one will not be wearing the mask so it is to be provided with utmost importance during this region and the staff will be wearing face masks and shields and will be served with safety gears.

Took a nap after lunch and we were provided with a spa facility where again a tour here and we were provided complimentary spa treatment of our choice to drain out the stress. Later it was my favorite destination. The fitness center where the equipment is washed with disinfectants and kept neat and tidy for the next user. I did some exercises here as I have already been concentrating on personal fitness it was helpful for me to concentrate while on travel.

It was a time for Sundown and Courtyard by Marriott is where many parties were conducted pre-covid at Nazaara. The Sundowner events here are amazing and we were explained about food, beverage, ambiance and due to the ongoing IPL event, a special cricket screening has been provided here.

Thus, ending our day at Courtyard to check in to our room which has been tidied up, cleaned, and sanitized. Also, the room will be sanitized with industrial-grade sanitizers and will not be used for the next 24 hours once the visitor checks out. We checked into our room and later had a good sleep for Day 2 of staycation where Breakfast in Bed is provided. The breakfast is prepared fresh, cleaned and the staff member provides breakfast with safety as the main priority.

Had a scrumptious and healthy breakfast and prepared for checkout. It was a very good experience of my staycation here and I truly recommend the visitors to stay here letting go out of the fear of Coronavirus.

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