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Staycation Experience at CGH Earth Mantra Koodam in Kumbakonam

We are currently living in tough times where are out of work, staying at our homes for safety, and most importantly many people are missing travel and staying at some of the places which we had dreamt to visit in the year 2019 or previous years.

Being in a city is another thing where we are confined to concrete structures for the most part of our day, we tend to miss nature and we make our mind to visit these picturesque locations and one such location to stay is CGH Earth Mantra Koodam.

Located in Veppathur, Kumbakonam, CGH Earth Mantra Koodam is a divine location that is designed like an ‘agraharam’ – the characteristically Brahmin street lined with ‘illams’ (homes). Once you enter here you would be in awe where you enter old school location. It is the place where cultures, communities, and traditions thrived in harmony. When you come in you could hear the chime of the tolling bell which is one of a different kind of experience

The cottages here are designed in traditional Tamilian style where it has large verandahs, Athangudi tiles on the floor, ornate Burmese teak doors and open-to-air bathrooms. Strolling across the location you will find green coconut groves, temple shrines and the location makes your stay here a truly comfortable experience.

I had an opportunity to stay here on a staycation experience and trust me being in the midst of nature was calm and I was felt rejuvenated during my stay here. There are two options to stay here namely Mantra Cottage and Mantra Illam. Both these locations are adorned with Athangudi tiles, teak doors, and lavish courtyards. Suitable for stay for a family the places of stay the places are rooted with warmth and comfort. The spacious, comfortable, and homely feeling is what I describe the places of stay here.

The CGH Mantra Koodam has a Mantra Tea Kadai which is a place for refreshments and a Dining location where you get a traditional and distinctive taste of Cholanadu cuisine. All meals are prepared here with safety, carefully, and has a dedicated balance of tastes such as sweet, spicy, bitter, and sour. Every dish here is crafted with years of tradition which are passed down from generations and the chefs here are perfected over time.

Due to Covid-19, the hotel has been helpful to take care of extra safety requirements which as per governmental norms they are following. From the safety of staff to tourists everybody needs to follow social distancing, all the commonplaces of human contact such as doors, handles, and kitchen utilities are regularly sanitized.

Special care and attention are given at the dining area where one needs to take out the mask while having food hence the dining area is arranged where no two families can sit nearby to each other. The seating arrangements are done in a way where the chairs are arranged at least a distance apart following social distancing norms. The food is well prepared with safety and hygiene in mind. The staff takes extra precautions when serving food to us.

Overall it was a great experience when I stayed at CGH Earth Mantra Koodam as the location was in the midst of nature and it bought out the memories of old school vibes.

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