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Feast at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is having a Sri Lankan Food Festival from September 21 to September 30 specially curated by Chef Ramesh all the way from Sheraton Colombo. Join the feast at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel to celebrate unity with diverse delicacies from across India.

Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel brings the Flavours from the land of spices and comfort food to Feast, their all-day dining restaurant during the Sri Lankan Food Festival. Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel brought two of their expat chefs from their Sri Lankan properties exclusively for the Food Festival.

Master Chef Ramesh, a reputed and renowned Sri Lankan chef, has put together a unique menu that will bring out the authentic time-honoured delicacies from the region. The special Sri Lankan menu will feature chef’s signature dishes Gotukula Sambol; Sweet and Sour Fish Curry; String Hoppers and much more.

Chef Keerthisena, the Executive Pastry Chef at Sheraton Colombo known for creating unique and exciting desserts, is exclusively preparing Sri Lankan Desserts at the food festival.

The buffet spread showcase special and authentic dishes all the way from Sri Lanka. It features special dishes Gotukula Sambhar; Sweet Fish Curry; Crab Curry and Kaju Masala. He has also brought special achars (Pickles) from all the way, and it is for sure not be amiss. The dishes are furthermore served with Kotthu Roti, authentic delicacy from Kerala and Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Eggplant Pickle with aubergines, ginger, vinegar, and garlic, was favourite among the pickles – sour and mixed well when eaten with bread. I liked Lotus Root Curry, Nelum ala Vanjanaya.

The Srilankan food festival had a range of exclusive and delectable food like the Cutlets, Patties, Sambol, Salads, Curries, Ceylon Banana Pepper and Okra Curry, Brinjal and Drumstick (Kathirikkai and Murungakkai) Curry, Mackerel Curry, Chicken Kuruma and not to forget the mandatory Srilankan Pumpkin Curry. The curries and sambol went perfectly well with the string-hoppers and the traditional Srilankan yellow rice cooked with coconut milk and whole spices. Most of the curries had coconut milk which had similarities to Kerala and Tamil Nadu cuisine.

Coconut milk, cinnamon, and jaggery being an integral part of the Srilankan cuisine, there was also this very famous and traditional egg-based dessert called as “Wattalappam” that roared loudly and probably the best among all the Srilankan food festivals I have been to. Aluva, a white diamond shaped dessert with rice flour, coconut milk, and Dawal Kurundhu leaf, melts in your mouth

The desserts display is from another pastry chef from Sri Lanka Chef Keerthisena. There are also loads of other food choices in the buffet apart from the Srilankan food festival. There is an entire section of your favorite Italian and Chinese delicacies.

Just like the quaint landscapes of the country, the luxury hotel’s all-day dining restaurant Feast’s Sri Lankan food festival offers an amalgamation of assortments on the menu. The food festival is presented with sizzling Sri Lankan treasures and exciting delicacies that are created meticulously. Authentic Sri Lankan food is all about spices, used in the right proportions. The entire gourmet experience is cooked with original ingredients from Sri Lanka paired with traditional cooking to enhance the quality, flavor, and taste of the specialties.

Drop in now to enjoy the meal! Experience the timeless Sri Lankan delicacies at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway.

Where: Feast, Lobby Level at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

When: 21st September – 30th September 2018

Time:  6:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Cost: INR 1900++

Contact Information: +91 80 4252 0133 | 9535863685

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  1. Mouth watering dishes everywhere, this is really a food fest . I love good food and I wouldn’t mind tasting all of it for my own pleasure.

  2. So many foods to choose from. The meals made by Master Chef Ramesh sound very promising and the Srilankan Pumpkin Curry looks insanely appetizing. All the desserts looks delicious and prepared to perfection.

  3. Food fest is drooling. You get toa taste different dishes and learn something from it. It is such a good thing to experience it.

  4. The buffet is the best part. I will not eat lunch nor breakfast if I am there ha ha. To make room for all of this food.

  5. This is a huge one for Sheraton. I like where there are food affairs because I love food too. Will love to have a good time here and have a foodie day.

  6. Awesome pics! All the food look even more appetizing and delicious. I especially like the lighting on the red bowls and the gold pots and pans. Wish I could’ve been there.

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