Destination Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka temporarily bans flights to and from India

Owing to a large number of coronavirus cases that India is now battering, many destinations across the world have banned to and from India and one of the latest countries to do so is the neighboring country of Sri Lanka.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka has now decided to temporarily ban Indian passengers from arriving in the country and the decisions have been made after a meeting with health officials of the country. Earlier, Sri Lanka had reduced the number of passengers on flights but had not completely banned flights from India.

A circular that has been signed by Director General of Civil Aviation & Chief Executive Officer, Capt Themiya Abeywickrama stated “passengers traveling from India will not be permitted to disembark in Sri Lanka with immediate effect.”

As per the circular, the ban would be temporary where the circular also says, “restrictions will be reviewed as early as possible based on instructions from local health authorities,”

India has been battering the deadly second wave of coronavirus where it has been witnessing over 4.15 lakh daily cases and due to this many countries have banned flights from India. As per records, Bengaluru the capital city of Karnataka is one of the worst-hit cities and is now emerging as a vulnerable city that has been a hotspot for the second wave of coronavirus,

Sri Lanka is one of the top preferred destinations for Indians. The Island country has been a favorite destination for honeymoon goers, its pristine beaches attract many visitors worldwide. The country has also been witnessing the rise of coronavirus cases and hence they are restricting the number of visitors per flight to 70 as per the latest reports.

Destination Sri Lanka
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Destination Sri Lanka
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Destination Sri Lanka
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