Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

What comes to your mind when you hear Spanish food, Churros? Croquetas? Empanadas? Or Tortillas? Spanish cuisine is more than what you have heard or have tasted someplace when you have visited and to experience a variety of Spanish Foods, Taj West End is hosting Spanish Extravagance food fest from 19th – 22nd December 2019. To commemorate this event, Taj has invited 2 times Michelin-Star Spanish Chef, Chef Alberto Ferruz. Chef Alberto Ferruz who is known as the master of flavour tweaks the traditional cuisine of Javea and Marina Alta regions of Spain and makes it a perfect gastronomical adventure.

Chef Alberto Ferruz is the owner of Michelin Star and Repsol Sun award-winning restaurant BonAmb. The restaurant just received 2nd Michelin Star and 3rd Repsol Sun awards within 8 years of its opening which makes the dishes prepared by him experience modern yet traditional Spanish cuisines.

The event Spanish Extravaganza began at the flagship Taj Hotels, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai for 3 days i.e., from 13th – 15th of December at the Chambers. Bengaluru is the second city which has an opportunity to experience this culinary masterpiece where Chef Ferruz will showcase his trademark techniques and unique flavours at Taj West End, Bengaluru from 19th – 22nd December.

For both locations, Chef Ferruz has designed exquisite Michelin Dinner Experience with signature recipes. The guests here would enjoy 6-course meals accompanied by wines from the region of Spain.

Speaking about the event, Mr Somnath Mukherjee, Area Director, Karnataka & General Manager, Taj West End said, “It is our pleasure to host such a unique concept along with Chef Alberto Ferruz. With our focus on innovation and bringing the best for our guests, we time and again look forward to associate ourselves with global chefs that would provide an array of gastronomic experiences to our guests. With Chef Ferruz, we have curated a unique menu that will take the guests on a journey of flavours.”

Chef Ferruz is known to have vast knowledge in the field of culinary arts where you have heard the Spanish proverb “he grew up between fires” holds true for this amazing chef. He worked at his uncle’s restaurant ‘La Bodega’ when he was 12 years old. Later has worked with some of the best culinary experts in France and Spain where he gained immense knowledge about food. Thus he has created a name in the field of culinary arts.

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