Spain is all set to get a new national park

Spain’s Sierra de las Nieves is all set to receive a new national park. This mountainous region was always a contender for becoming a national park after local communities campaigned is finally going to happen.

Parque Nacional Sierra de las Nieves will be the official title of the national park which is all set to be finalized. Once finalized, this would be a first in the province of Malaga and Parque Nacional Sierra de las Nieves would be the 16th National park in Spain.

The national park is a part of the Serrania de Ronda ranges is close to Rhonda Island. Hence, you can reach the national park from Ronda Town.

Sierra de las Nieves has been a protected natural park since 1989, and a part of it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for more than 20 years.

One of the fantastic places in Spain, Sierra de las Nieves is home to raptors, rippling oaks, roe deers, and many more. This is one of the fantastic things about this place is Spanish fir which is also known as pinsapos.

These pinsapos are found only in 3 areas of Spain and these are from the Ice Age of the Iberian Peninsula in fact, these have been in place for more than 500 years.

This is the third national park in Andalusia, the other two being Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada in Granada and Parque Nacional de Doñana in Cadiz.

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