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Spa Experience in Amari Pattaya, Thailand

Where you do you go after a full day journey and covering most of the known places, heading out in warm humid weather and get tired for the day, you visit a Spa. Yes, Spa is the place where one heads out to make their body feel rejuvenated and get it ready for the next day for travel and visit other touristic places.

Amari Pattaya also offers Spa Experience where you are in for a treat. They have teamed up with Breeze Spa to provide an ultimate experience for its guests.  Breeze Spa is located in various other locations other than Pattaya. They are located in Amari Watergate Bangkok, Amari Hua Hin, Amari Phuket and other Amari locations in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc. The philosophy of Breeze Spa is the premise of Happiness is the key to wellness, keeping this philosophy in mind they go an extra step to see a smile in customer’s face. They try to stay positive, friendly caring and fun.  Keeping Customer is king as their motto they serve their customers with approachable experience with warmness.

The colour of the interiors of the spa is suitable for calm and peaceful. They provide coloured light therapy, right temperature and scents that need to be tailored by the guest’s treatment and preference.  Right from you enter the spa location, the reception to the treatment room you will be catered to the needs, also the interiors will look welcoming and the decor is designed to inspire and relax.

Breeze Spa includes special treatment named Signature Mood Massage where the treatment is aligned with the treatments which are carefully chosen based on body therapy and massage technique, this treatment is accompanied by selective aromatic oils, herbal tea, musical selections and mood analysis which is done during consulting on arrival.  Guests can choose if they want dreamy, serene, rejuvenated, energised or serene the therapists will adjust the light settings and create the required mood.

With their excellent customer-centric approach, Breeze spa welcomes its customers with pre-treatment beverage, personal consultation or even a shower. They can relax with a care-free mind here and after the treatment, guests can relax with a cup of herbal tea and a signature breeze treat.

Breeze Spa at Amari Pattaya not only offers spa treatment to adults and it is to be noted that they do provide for tiny tots. #macrotraveller visited the kid’s spa treatment room where I noticed the location was kid friendly with kid’s chairs, dolls, small beds and nice monkey wall hangers which was fun to look at and this brings out the kid present inside everyone. This is one of the spa where they offer full-scale treatments even for the kids and is in line with the treatment provided to the adults.

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