South Korea removes 7-day quarantine for unvaccinated travellers

To boost tourism, South Korea has announced the removal of the mandatory 7-day quarantine for unvaccinated foreign tourists from June 08 onwards.

The news was shared by the PM, however, international travellers need to take a mandatory RT-PCR test within three days of their arrival in the country.

The PM further stated that the government will normalise the number of international flights and go back to the pre-covid time when the restrictions on international flights arriving at the Incheon International Airport will be lifted on the same day.

The country had implemented strict covid 19 rules for over 26 months.

According to the transport ministry, this move will help increase the flight arrivals per hour to pre-covid which is around 40 from the current 20.

Now that the demand for foreign travel is increasing in the country, the nation has decided to lift its pandemic-related restrictions on air travel.

The airline tickets were increased due to several restrictions on international flights and the curfew for the same. The country is not allowing any international flights to land between 20:00 hrs to 05:00hrs.

The government will also remove the limited number of the weekly international flights from June 8 as the virus situation looks quite stable in the country.

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