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Hiking is one of those sports that never stops winning followers. Although practically in all countries we can find some perfect place to practice it, some of them stand out above the rest. Here you are!

For a while now, many people have dared to try the incredible experience of hiking. A sport that allows you to be in shape while you find inner peace and enjoy some of the most spectacular landscapes on our planet. We are talking about one of those sports that never stops winning fans and that, besides, is booming. And it does not surprise us. It is the perfect way to combine physical activity and tourism.

With a planet as beautiful and as amazing as ours, it is clear that many specific places have the perfect characteristics for hiking. However, as you can well imagine, there are specific countries that, because of their geography and, again, because of their spectacular nature, are perfect to enjoy this sport. Here we leave you the six best ones.

New Zealand

How could beautiful New Zealand not be on this list? We are talking about one of those countries where nature reaches its maximum splendour. It has become one of the most desired tourist destinations worldwide for this reason. Do you remember the beautiful landscapes of ‘The Lord of the Rings’? Well, nothing of Middle Earth, it is precisely New Zealand, and if you have the opportunity to travel there, you will be the one who travels and contemplates them.


Another of those countries in which nature has been able to become one of its main tourist attractions in Canada. IF there is something that everyone admires of this country are its forests, lush, endless, those that we are only used to see in movies. More and more travellers from all corners of the globe are traveling there to explore them, explore them and be able to see their flora and fauna in the first person.


We continue, as it could not be, with another country that will always be related to the colour green and landscapes that seem more like a work of art. We speak of Scotland, specifically the area of ​​the Highlands, one of the most beautiful regions of our planet Earth. Many travellers spend long periods of time there to travel in their entirety and to lose themselves in their eternal landscapes.


Sometimes we may find countries that are perfect for hiking but only at a specific time of the year. Something similar happens in Norway. Without a doubt, knowing this Nordic country on foot is a marvel, which we will not be able to afford in the darkest of winter. However, the rest of the year, especially in summer, gives us the opportunity to do it with a pleasant climate.


Do you find it curious to meet Nepal here? We are talking about one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on our planet, which should head all kinds of positive tourism lists. There are some of the most admired hiking routes (and some of the most complex) that exist today. To contemplate in first person the beauty of the place, to feel its peace and to know its people, it is worth the trip.


Finally, we wanted to book what is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations this year 2018: Iceland. And it does not surprise us that it is. There you will run into some of the most amazing landscapes on our planet, completely different from what we are used to. It happens as with Norway, you should take advantage of the summer if you want to know it on foot, and still, you will be cold!


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