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Singapore Airline Limited a flagship carrier by Singapore having its hub in Changi Airport is one of the most trusted and award-winning service providers. Having been ranked World’s best airline since 2018 it is also awarded Best First Class, First Class seats and Best Airline in Asia for a couple of years. Founded as a Malayan Airways in the year 1947, Singapore Airlines commenced operations from 1st October 1972. They provide world class service from Singapore to different parts of the world.

Singapore Airlines has a fleet of subsidiaries such as Silk Air, Vistara and Scoot which operates mid and low-cost carrier services to different parts of SE Asia and other countries.

Having been in the airline business for so long, Singapore Airlines fly over 130 Countries around the globe be it Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe or North America. They were the first carrier services to buy the largest passenger airline, Airbus A-380.

Singapore Airline offers non stop flight service from Bangalore (BLR) to Singapore (SIN) with a flight time of around 4 and a half hours.

Having some spacious Cabins in an airline, Singapore Airline offers cabins such as Suites, First Class Cabin, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy class.

 Suites are available exclusively for Airbus A-380 aircraft. Each passenger has individual cabins with sliding route and windows also features a bed along with a seat. Each suite has personal 23inch LCD TV with headsets provided.

With its international culinary chefs, the suite offers an in-house restaurant with international cuisines and beverages are served. With its restaurant facility, the suite also offers a lavatory with various range of toiletries. Also featuring a reclined chair with an option of a 32inch touchscreen monitor, which also features light control settings.


First Class cabins are provided for Airbus 777 airlines features 35inch seat with pillows and linen provided to sleep peacefully while you are travelling. Similar to suites they offer 24inch LCD TV with an option to control lights and restaurant with multi cuisine dishes provided

Business Class cabin is forward facing cabin where it offers spacious seating with an option to convert seat into a flatbed. Pillows and linen are provided for sleeping comfortable, there is a large storage section to save luggage.

Similar to the suite and first class there will be 15inch LCD screen with headsets provided so that there would not be much disturbance.

Premium Economy Class offering priority boarding, check-in and many other facilities, Premium Economy class offer comfortable seats with extra legroom. There are storage areas in your seat where you can keep a water bottle, laptop and other personal items.

Here you can choose up to 3 meal choices on board, premium economy seats have 13inch LCD screen with headsets provided.

Economy Class with its legroom spacious for every passenger, there is an option to upgrade seat arrangement based on required legroom with an additional charge, depending on air-crafts, there is different LCD Screen provided with seats which might be of 9-11 inches.

Passengers of the economy class can choose their meals based on their dietary requirement when you book a flight.


With its concept to feel at home, Singapore has called its lounge as SilverKris lounge where you are welcomed with customized batik design, having specific pods these lounges have unique space for living, dining and kitchen spaces. All these spaces have privacy where its guests can work with peace.

With its subsidiary airlines, Singapore Airlines flies over 130 countries where you can travel with its flight service where you feel like you are at home while you are flying high in this clear blue sky. Be it a budget airline or premium service, Singapore Airlines offers every need to cater to its guests.

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