Destination Sharjah

Sights of Sharjah : Things to see in Sharjah

Sharjah is a tourist city in the United Arab Emirates. places of attraction for tourists.Sharjah is a cultural capital known for its many attractions and traditions.

Excursions in Sharjah

In Sharjah, there is something to see, and you can always have fun. The first is to take a sightseeing tour of the emirate. This is a place with the most stringent laws; many mosques and museums are concentrated there. You will be shown beautiful squares and exciting bazaars. Besides, you will be offered to visit the famous zoo, and for children will organize a fun pastime on the playground, while parents will relax in a cafe.

If you like boat trips, then a trip to the emirate of Fujairah along the coast of the Indian Ocean will be to your taste. You will see a beautiful underwater kingdom with its coral thickets, exotic fish and incredible size turtles.

Family leisure can diversify excursions from Sharjah to the water parks or fishing in the open sea. For lovers of extreme safari in the desert. And for those who love the comfort and relaxing treatments, you should visit the Moroccan baths.

UAE Sharjah – Attractions

The first thing you will be offered to visit is the museums of Sharjah. In the Archaeological Museum, you can look at the life of ancient people, which tells not only the exhibits but also videos.

In the Museum of Natural History, you will learn about the history of the Earth. The way of presenting the material with the help of high technology does its work, and all visitors remain deeply impressed. Besides, the local cafe is famous for its cakes, which you can try after the tour.

Among the sights of Sharjah there is, and only in the Emirates, the Museum of Science. Its design is at a high level, and everything is done with a clear sense of style. As for the exposure itself, it is incredibly attractive due to the use of an interactive image. You can “touch” all the basic concepts of science, visit the planetarium.

The gold market in Sharjah has a reputation as a place where you can buy almost everything. It was opened in 1995 and is not only a place of accumulation of an incredible amount of jewellery but also an architectural value. For its decoration were taken rare types of granite and marble. Inside, everything is completely safe, as modern technologies are used. The market itself consists of 44 stores where you can buy high-quality products, many of them are quite original.

If you are looking for a great view in Sharjah, go to the quay Al Majaz. Among the musical fountains of the whole world in Sharjah is the third highest. It rises to 100 meters, and its total width is approximately 220 meters. Around seven o’clock in the evening begins a rich sound and light show. The spectacle is colourful and unforgettable.

King Faisal Mosque

One of the major attractions of Sharjah is the King Faisal Mosque. This is a huge building, built in the late 20th century. It combines traditional Arabic style and elements of modern architecture. The mosque accommodates up to three thousand worshipers at a time. Now it houses the International University of Islam. The mosque looks exceptionally beautiful in the evening and at night when the entire building is illuminated with golden lights, giving it a magical look and suggestive of Arabian fairy tales.

Sharjah Lagoon – Khalid Lagoon

Although dry law and strict morals make this emirate not the best place for young people to relax, the honeymoon in the lagoon will be unforgettable. It is surrounded by a huge promenade and a place for morning runs of residents and tourists. This is a relatively quiet and very picturesque place, so it’s better to be alone with your loved one here. There is one of the mosques, which are several in Sharjah.

One of the most important sights of Sharjah is the Al-Nur mosque. This is not only the most famous but also the most beautiful place in the emirate. The mosque is located near the Khalid Lagoon. She was ordered to build the ruler’s wife in memory of Sheikh Mohammed. This is the first mosque that non-Muslims could attend.


Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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Destination Sharjah
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