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Sicily is ready to fund to its tourists in italy

Once the borders open, a tourist place of Sicily in Italy is ready to fund its tourists for promotion.

If you are missing travel, music, food and beaches then head over to Sicily where the government is ready to fund half of the cost of flight and one-third of your hotel expenses if you are ready to visit this place. They also said that they will be providing free entry to its museums and archaeological sites which the place is known for.

One of the hardest impacts in European country being affected is Italy apart from Spain which once saw the most number of cases and deaths in a single day. Tourism is one of the major sources of income for the country reeled under pressure when all the borders were closed and also limited the domestic travel too. This has resulted in the loss of over 1Billion dollars to the touristic place of Sicily.

To overcome this, the government decided to set apart 50million dollars for its visitors where they pay the cost of flight and hotels when they start travelling to this amazing place. Sicily’s tourism director Manlio Messina announced that 400,000 such vouchers and giveaways would be made available to holidayers who decide to visit the island.

Currently, there are no ideas of when the international borders will be open for its tourists, however, one can notice some of the small business will begin operation shortly.

Would you mind visiting the tourist destination of Sicily after lockdown ends?

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