Destination Japan Osaka

Shopping Places in New York, Minion Park & Amity Village in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

When you visit a place, it is common for people to get what is special about that place. While you explore these places you can visit any of the shops and buy Souvenirs.

Shops in New York.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man Store: Purchase any spider man merchandise here where you can gift a fan of spider-man, a spiderman dress.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man, The ride Photo: Click a photo during the ride of Amazing Spider-Man show and take home interesting memories.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Photo Opportunity: Click a photo with spider-man, hanging down on the wall and post of social media for fun and enjoyment.
  • Universal Studios Souvenirs: With a diverse collection of souvenirs at Universal Studios Souvenirs you can purchase the newest and most popular goods. Sometime, there would be seasonal goods for purchase so grab it quick before the season expires.
  • Festival in the Park: Win great prizes by playing at the carnival of New York.

Shops at Minion Park

  • Fun Store: Purchase any inventive Minion store which is developed here by Minion Toy Research and Development.
  • Minions Pop Shop: Purchase any dress with Minion based fashion items. Get trendy and look like a minion by purchasing any items from Minion pop shop.
  • Sweet Surrender: Purchase sweets like gumball, candies and smileys and many such sweets and confectionery here at Sweet Surrender. These are based on Minions favourite dishes.
  • Banana Cabana: Flip minion’s favourite food, that is Banana’s and win awards from Minions.
  • Space Killer: This is the highlight of Minion Park where Space Killer is an arcade game where visitors get a chance to play and win a minion game prizes or any stuffed toys.
  • Delicious Me! Photo Opportunity: Witness Minion Mayhem in Kitchen and do not miss the photo opportunity with minions and their own kitchen guns and gigantic cookies.

Shops at Amity Village

  • Amity Island gifts: This is a marine merchandise shop where you can purchase JAWS related souvenirs.
  • JAWS photo: Capture an intense photo where you get swallowed by JAWS.
  • Amity Boardwalk Game: Play games like Coin Throw and Blockbuster and win prizes and gifts.
  • Hollywood Movie Makeup: Get painted on the face with the artists who can draw Minions, sharks and many other characters. Enjoy the painted face and explore the parks of Universal Studios Japan.
Japan Osaka
Universal Studios, Osaka in Japan
Japan Osaka
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Japan Osaka
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Destination Japan Osaka
Shops at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka, Japan
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