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If you are in Bhutan on holiday and need to get some gifts or souvenirs back home or want to buy something for yourself, then you do not have to worry at all. Shopping in Bhutan is one of the fun activities of exploring after the beautiful nature. The options are so many local products that offer, as well as handmade things for reasonable prices.

Bhutan though has some restricted options for the exploration of tourists but still has a variety of things and places to offer that are considered ideal for shopping in Bhutan. You could choose to buy from your popular fabrics, statues, books, craft things, and various other things. During your trip to Bhutan, you could find some great Bhutanese products in each and every one of the districts, like every place where they sell original things made locally.


Bhutanese Handmade Paper – are the best quality paper in the world. During the 8th century, the people of Bhutan used paper for rock salt, gold, splinters, and Chinese brocades.

Now you can find these products in most of the position in the capital.

Yathra – Raw Wool

Yathra – It is made from raw wool produced. You can find most of these products in the central part of the country, Bumthang.


“In ancient times many Enlightened Masters painted Thangkas and wrote poems and many more, just to preserve and share the achievements of their wisdom” – Today you can find many auspicious signs and symbols placed in the form of Thangkas.

Bhutanese curl paintings known as thangkas are stylized paintings depicting religious images. Traditional painters used mineral pigments and framed them in bright brocade backgrounds.

Wood Bowl (Dapa)

You could find much more exciting shapes that are made of wood. Wooden bowls, plates, and containers are mainly made by an artisanal community in the eastern part of the country using trellis in burlwood made of precious wood such as Rhododendron and Daphne. The most popular and best wooden works you could find in the extreme part of the eastern part of the country – Trashi Yangtse. Prices are different in the sizes and material they are made from.

The estimated price ranges from USD 50 – 1000 and more.

Shopping in Bhutan are the most exciting things to buy labeled “Made in Bhutan” – it is true that it is very expensive compared to factory-made products, but Bhutan produces very authentic materials.


Bhutan Destination India
The India-Bhutan border is all set to reopen from September 23.
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Bhutan Destination
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Bhutan Destination
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