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Shiro Celebrates Asian Grill Festival – 12th November to 13th December 2014.

Shiro is an landmark restaurant in India to recreate the authenticity of  Asian delicacies in India and satisfy the hunger pangs.The highly acclaimed award winning Asian restaurant, Shiro offers an experience that would linger in your mind for a long time with authentic oriental delicacies paired with some refreshing cocktails and the trademark Buddha statues and artifacts inspired by zen ambience and interiors.Located in UB city,They have a outdoor seating too on the terrace with teppanyaki tables that refines entertainment,and food experience.For the Asian Grills Festival,The Food bloggers were seated in the lush outdoor terrace area where we savored the best of Asian delight that were part of the Asian Grill Festival This year.


Chef Priyank Chouhan, The Head chef of Shiro Bengaluru hosted us for the Asian Grills Festival lunch on a Saturday afternoon..He is one of my favourite chef and is always there to offer as per your liking and  have a personal touch to his dishes by sticking to the basics and doing it all right:)

We started with Vegetarian Starters “Spicy Korean Grilled Mushrooms” which is made up of Gochujang,Chilli bean,honey & ginger.The Smoky flavours of mushroom had strong grilled essence and the crispiness of it with the sauces was the best grilled mushrooms i have had in years and would die for it.

The next starter was a non vegetarian one which is Hanoi Chicken Skewers which is made of Minced Chicken, Coconut Milk, Fresh Red Chillies and served with Indonesian Peanut Sauce.

Grilled Thai Corn Cakes has corn kernels & potato cakes,kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, fresh red chillies, sweet chilli sauce which had both sweet and tangy taste and perfectly grilled which suited the chilly weather of Bangalore.A perfect combo.

The Next Asian delight was the Vietnamese Grilled Chicken which is Chicken Thigh marinated with Sweet Chilli & Sriraja and served with Oyster Sauce.

The Next vegetarian Delicacy from the house of Asia and kitchen of Shiro is Teriyaki Glazed Tofu Steaks which has tofu steaks, Teriyaki Glaze and ichimi Powder which is a healthy dish with Tofu steaks perfectly grilled and made me feel like i was in China.

Thai Chilli Herb Prawns were the next dish.This was grilled prawns marinated with fresh red chillies, mint & coriander and lemon juice.

 Green Curried Tenderloin. tournedos marinated with in house green curry paste and coconut milk.

The next dish is Asian Potato Skewers with yakitori sauce,spicy korean mayo which was decent,but not my kind of dish.

For all the fish lovers, The most popular Basa fish in Bengaluru was presented in the form of Nahm Jhim Grilled Basa which is Vietnamese Basa marinated with Oyster Sauce, Fresh Red Chillies, Coriander & Basil and grilled to perfection.

Miso & Orange Glazed Salmon Steak at Shiro’s Asian Grill festival. This is Norwegian Salmon marinated with Miso & Orange Glaze and Ichimi Powder.The presentation was top notch.

The last dish of the Asian Grills Festival at Shiro is Grilled Lemongrass Chicken. This is chicken thigh marinated with lemongrass, coriander, fresh red chillies and tamarind.

To sum it up, Being a vegetarian, i didn’t feel left behind and the star dish of Asian Grills Festival is Spicy Korean Grilled Mushrooms.No wonder that Shiro has always been getting nominated and winning the Best Pan Asian restaurant in Bangalore in The Times Food & Nightlife Awards over the past few years. They are nominated this year too.You can vote for them by giving a missed call on 080-67434030.

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Those smokey flavors, crispiness of vegetables and the tinge of those tangy sauces – oh, yes we so love the grills. If that’s tempting, then you need to drive down to the Asian Grill Festival at Shiro.Dont miss the Best of Asian delight on your plate at Asian grills Festival at Shiro between 12th November to 13th December 2014. Don’t miss it!

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